The Year in Gear 2020

December 17, 2020
It may be the understatement of the century, but this year was weird. Even so, the killer gear kept coming. Here are the goods that stood out as extra-great amongst our annual haul of Premier Guitar reviews.
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Koll Guitars Debuts the High-Rise Overdrive

January 19, 2020
"Steel" meets "concrete" in the famed luthier's first effects pedal.
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Elliott Sharp’s Inner Ear

March 19, 2019
This legendary New York City-based improvisor and composer believes music can change people’s chemistry. A battery of unconventional guitars, well-chosen effects, and a vocabulary steeped in everything from free-jazz to Fibonacci to old-school blues are the tools of his crusade.
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The Year in Gear 2018

The Year in Gear 2018

November 20, 2018
Step inside Premier Guitar’s magical, miraculous time machine and revisit the gear that stood head and shoulders above the rest as Premier Gear Award winners in 2018.
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Koll Super Cub Review

April 9, 2018
Humble 1960s designs are reborn in a high-performance boutique gem.
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First Look: Koll Super Cub

February 26, 2018
John Bohlinger gets his mitts on Portland, Oregon, luthier Saul Koll's mix of a mid-’60s Epiphone Coronet and a Gibson Melody Maker SG, complete with Guyatone gold-foil replica pickups by Curtis Novak.
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David Torn: Alone at Last

June 4, 2015
The sonic adventurer and Bowie collaborator happily dissects his first album of solo-guitar material, a genre-defying, fuzz- and reverb-soaked mix of free-form expression—but don’t call it “experimental”!
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NAMM '14 - Koll Guitar Company Troubadour and Troubadour ST Demos

February 16, 2014
Saul Koll introduces two new variations to his flagship model.
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NAMM '13 - Koll Guitars Troubadour, Duo Glide, & Relic'd Super Glide

February 22, 2013
Premier Guitar (http://www.premierguitar.com) is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show, where PG's Rich Osweiler visits the Koll Guitars booth. In this segment, we get to learn about Koll's newest electric guitars -- the Troubadour, Duo Glide, & Relic'd Super Glide.
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NAMM '12 - Koll Guitars Troubadour Demo

February 9, 2012
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2012 NAMM Show where she visits the Koll Guitars booth inside the Premier Builders Guild compound. In this segment, we get to see and hear a demo of Koll's Troubadour model.
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Factory Tour - Premier Builders Guild's Guitars

December 17, 2010
PG's Joe Coffey is On Location in Arroyo Grande, CA, at the Premier Builders Guild shop. In this video segment, we get the lowdown on what Premier Builders Guild is all about, what builders are affiliated with the guild (Gene Baker, Dennis Fano, Roger Giffin, Johan Gustavsson, Saul Koll, and Jason Z. Schroeder), and also how these US-made, handbuilt guitars differ from the custom-made instruments built by the guild's luthiers.

Here, we get to see how PBG enables players to choose from their portfolio of boutique, masterbuilt guitars without the uncertainty, long wait times, and lack of customer support often associated with boutique instruments. The PBG shop is run by master luthier and head engineer Gene Baker and production manager Gil Vasquez who have over 30 years of combined experience and expertise in the guitar-building world.
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Koll Tornado Electric Guitar Review

Koll Tornado Electric Guitar Review

November 16, 2010
A P-90 equipped boutique beauty
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