November 2018

Radial Engineering


Rig Rundown: Pokey LaFarge

September 26, 2018
The Americana stylist and his band favor a minimalist approach to create their throwback sounds.
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Tools for the Task: Pedal Looping Systems

September 24, 2018
An organized and streamlined pedalboard equals a focused and happy player.
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The 411 on Acoustic Guitar DIs

August 14, 2018
Crawl under the hood of the magic boxes that make you sound awesome through club PAs, venue mixing boards, and studio consoles.
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Radial Announces the AC-Driver

April 19, 2018
The AC-Driver is a compact acoustic-instrument preamp that features an adjustable low-cut filter and tools for fighting feedback.
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Rig Rundown: Pallbearer

March 7, 2018
Learn how these Arkansas rockers move beyond a wall of dark and heavy doom with various modulations, delays, and deep ’verbs to weave their own complex sonic architecture.
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Eclectic Effecting 101: How to Use Stock Pedals to Unlock New Sounds

February 10, 2018
A hands-on guide to using chains of pedals to create enigmatic, spooky, and downright crazy sounds.
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Tools for the Task: ABY Boxes

January 5, 2018
Open up a world of routing options by getting to know the ABCs of ABYs.
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Quick Hit: Radial Tonebone Texas Pro

November 14, 2017
Multiple shades of overdrive and boost come alive in a compact stomp built to last.
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Gear of the Year 2017

November 7, 2017
Another year, another dazzling parade of pedals, guitars, amps, modelers, and accessories that made our noggins spin.
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Radial Unveils the Cab-Link

July 6, 2017
A solution for players who have a single speaker output on their amplifier but want to connect two cabinets simultaneously.
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Tools for the Task: Buffers

February 19, 2017
Ten buffer options to help you maintain your core guitar-to-amp tone when running multiple pedals and cables.
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Radial Announces the Hot British V9 and Texas Pro

February 9, 2017
The Texas-Pro is a powerful overdrive combined with a clean boost circuit.
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Radial Unveils the North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster

January 19, 2017
The North-Star's versatile overdrive circuit can be suited to a number of genres with tone-shaping features that allow players to adjust the sonic characteristics to their style.
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Quick Hit: Radial JDX Direct Drive

November 13, 2016
No amp? No problem. This DI offers a wealth of options for those who want to leave their amp at home.
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Radial Engineering Announces the Tonebone Classic V9

October 12, 2016
The updated version now runs on 9V and features three different mid-boost options.
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Radial Introduces Updated Tonebone BigShot

August 12, 2016
A passive instrument selector that lets you select between two instruments using a footswitch.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the BigShot EFX

July 29, 2016
Set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain.
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Amp Product Showcase 2016

July 26, 2016
Check out our special coverage of Amps to go along with the August 2016 issue of PG.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the Tonebone BigShot ABY

July 11, 2016
An updated version of the Radial Engineering's popular guitar amp switcher.
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Acoustic Gear Showcase 2016

June 17, 2016
Check out this year's Acoustic Gear Showcase!
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