January 2019

Walrus Audio


Rig Rundown: Julien Baker

November 28, 2018
The melancholic, reverb-loving songstress talks about the Tele, Fender combos, and bountiful board she uses to fill theaters around the globe.
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Tools for the Task: Pedal Looping Systems

September 24, 2018
An organized and streamlined pedalboard equals a focused and happy player.
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Walrus Audio Unveils the DEFCON4

September 5, 2018
A collaboration with Ryan Adams combines '80s nostalgia with a preamp/EQ/boost circuit.
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First Look: Walrus Audio DEFCON4

September 3, 2018
We investigate whether Ryan Adams' new signature EQ/preamp/boost can bring tonal harmony to single-coils and humbuckers.
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Walrus Audio Emissary Review

August 24, 2018
Parallel high-range and mid-boost channels add up to a surprisingly versatile boost.
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SNAMM '18 - Walrus Audio Emissary Demo

July 10, 2018
Roots-rocker Joey Landreth joins us to demo this boost featuring parallel boost circuits for treble and midrange, with a toggle for two mids-bumping points.
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Walrus Audio Introduces the Emissary Parallel Boost

June 11, 2018
A clean, high headroom JFET boost that features two independent boost circuits running in parallel.
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First Look: Walrus Audio Emissary Parallel Boost

June 11, 2018
John Bohlinger grabs his '50s Les Paul Custom, PRS DGT, and a 1967 Fender Telecaster to test out the juice box's two voicings and tonal oomph.
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Walrus Audio Introduces the Luminary Octave Generator V2

April 17, 2018
The updates include a lengthened attack time, revised low-pass filter, and a tremolo effect.
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NAMM '18 - Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb Demo

January 30, 2018
A new stomp with a cool sea-explorer graphic that plumbs reverb’s depths
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First Look: Walrus Audio Fathom

January 22, 2018
Guitarist John Bohlinger grabs a Gretsch Black Falcon, a vintage Fender Strat, and a Hahn Tele (complete with a B-bender) to take the plunge into four different 'verb caverns.
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Walrus Audio Launches the Fathom Multi-Function Reverb

January 15, 2018
The pedal features four custom algorithms, trails mode, sustain momentary function, a small footprint and a sub $200 price point.
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Rig Rundown: mewithoutYou

December 13, 2017
Post-hardcore guitar assassins Michael Weiss and Brandon Beaver talk tone tools with PG’s Perry Bean.
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Walrus Audio ARP-87 Review

November 16, 2017
Tap tempo is king in a multi-voiced digital delay with creative echo-shaping controls.
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Walrus Monument Review

August 28, 2017
Two flavors of vintage-approved tremolo—and modern options to spare.
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Walrus Audio Introduces the ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay

July 12, 2017
The pedal features four different algorithms that can be modified with the “X” knob creating lush modulation depth or filer width.
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Walrus Audio Releases the Iron Horse Distortion V2

June 20, 2017
Re-skinned with both new artwork and a slight tweak to the enclosure color, the Iron Horse has been updated to be a more user-friendly, versatile distortion.
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Walrus Audio Unveils the Monument Harmonic Tremolo

April 11, 2017
The pedal is both a harmonic and standard tremolo that features tap tempo, subdivision control, expression control, and more.
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New Gear Showcase 2017: Pt. 1

March 16, 2017
Check out part one of this year's New Gear Showcase gallery!
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Walrus Audio Unveils the Warhorn

March 7, 2017
A transparent overdrive pedal that’s capable of punchy rhythm and searing Texas blues leads.
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