December 2020



JHS Supreme fuzz review homepage

JHS Supreme: The Premier Guitar Review

November 13, 2020
Classic fuzz-pedal chaos meets modern tone shaping.
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Danelectro 3699 Fuzz Review homepage

Danelectro 3699: The Premier Guitar Review

October 19, 2020
One of the furriest, foxiest fuzz machines ever is reborn in a compact and more capable incarnation.
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strange pedals homepage

From Skulls to Scooby-Doo—9 of the World's Strangest Stomps

October 1, 2020
Fantastic freaks that annihilate preconceptions about how pedals should look and sound.
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Dusky Electronics Announces the Augustus

September 29, 2020
A newly designed octave-fuzz stomp that offers adjustable low end and a pair of MOSFET amplifiers.
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Stomp Under Foot Cherry Bomb Silver Foxx

Stomp Under Foot Introduces Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb

September 28, 2020
The Florida-based fuzz fanatic reimagines the Foxx Tone Machine and the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster.
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Fuzzrocious Croak Review homepage

Add Filter to Fuzz … and Freak Out

September 28, 2020
Gazillions of tone colors lurk in this box of swampy fuzz and funky filters. The PG Fuzzrocious Croak review.
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DSM Noisemaker Review homepage

Skin-Melting Bass Grind via Mini-Format Monster

September 27, 2020
The PG DSM Noisemaker Sub Atomic review.
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Red Witch

Red Witch Pedals Unveils the Fuzz God IV

September 24, 2020
The tweakable fuzz is built upon dual silicon BC109 transistors.
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JHS Crimson Review homepage

JHS Crimson: The Premier Guitar Review

September 7, 2020
Revisit the original Russian Muff!
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Vick Audio

Vick Audio Reissues the Lucky No. 13

August 26, 2020
The circuit is based on a classic fuzz from the '60s but adds more gain and a modern EQ curve.
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JHS Crimson Legends of Fuzz Yvette Young First Look Demo

First Look: JHS Crimson

June 15, 2020
The Muff-style entry from the new Legends of Fuzz series revisits the very earliest Sovtek circuit—and adds a switch for enhanced mids.
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Browne Amps

Browne Amplification Introduces the T4 Fuzz Pedal

May 29, 2020
A take on the classic 4-transistor silicon fuzz with a flattened EQ curve.
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Red Witch

Red Witch Pedals Unveils the Seraphina

May 1, 2020
A handwired octave-fuzz featuring Wilma capacitors.
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Tokai Hummingbird homepage2

1967 Tokai Humming Bird 230S—with Onboard Fuzz

April 13, 2020
Mosrite aesthetics, Japanese flair, and a circuit reminiscent of the Electro-Harmonix Linear Power Booster.
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Wren and Cuff Garbage Face - homepage

Melt Faces with a Muff-y Machine Made for Mascis

April 9, 2020
Ram’s Head-style circuit meets germanium treble booster in a stomp built to deliver Dinosaur Jr.’s wall of sound: The PG Wren and Cuff Garbage Face review.
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Danelectro The Breakdown - homepage

Danelectro The Breakdown: The Premier Guitar Review

March 8, 2020
Tone freaks, take note: It’s badass—but not just for the usual “bang-for-buck” reasons.
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Redbeard Effects

Redbeard Effects Releases the Honey Badger Octave Fuzz

February 19, 2020
An aggressive fuzz mixed with a switchable sub-octave mode.
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Mad Professor

Mad Professor Amplification Announces the Fuzz 32

February 14, 2020
A handwired germanium fuzz that will be limited to only 96 pieces.
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Siren Pedals

Siren Pedals Launches With the Airavata, Anvil, and Midnight Train

February 13, 2020
The initial lineup includes a dark fuzz, a squish box, and a distortion that aims to cover a lot of ground.
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