Line 6

Line 6 Introduces Helix 3.0 Firmware

December 7, 2020
The 3.0 updates include two new amp models, two cabs, 16 effects, plus major performance enhancements.
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Boss GT-1000CORE

First Look: Boss GT-1000CORE

December 2, 2020
From heavy to heavenly: Hear the shrunken powerhouse on raunchy riffs, ethereal reverb clouds, pitch-shifted bass, and more.
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Nu-X Announces the MG-300

July 7, 2020
The unit features TSAC-HD effects and modeling, QuickTone software, 56 drum beats, and more.
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Foxgear Presents the XYZ Waves and Jeenie

June 29, 2020
The company's latest offerings include an analog simulator and a robust modulation platform.
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Zoom Releases the G11 Multi-Effects Unit

April 28, 2020
The new unit includes 22 cabinet emulations, 70 pre-loaded impulse responses, and a 5-inch color touchscreen.
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Dunable Eidolon homepage

This Minimalist Multi-Effector Is Made for Metal

February 23, 2020
Revocation's Dave Davidson commissioned a signature stomp that unites boost, reverb, and delay. The PG Dunable Eidolon review.
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Source Audio Collider - homepage

Source Audio Collider: The Premier Guitar Review

February 21, 2020
The greatest hits from a powerhouse digital reverb and an equally potent digital delay are distilled into a single, super-convenient space-and-time manipulator.
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wampler terraform

First Look: Wampler Terraform

February 17, 2020
Powerful DSP and creative routing options make this a one-stop modulation shop.
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pedalboards part deux homepage

Your Pedalboards 2020: Part Deux

February 14, 2020
We received so many submissions from readers, we had to do a round two. PG's axe-wielding disciples show us their personal pedal masterpieces.
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Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 Modulator & 5MM Power Amp Demos | NAMM 2020

January 24, 2020
Check out the company's immeasurably deep modulation machine and a handy pedal-sized power amp.
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Mooer GE250, GE300 Lite, A7 & D7 Demos | NAMM 2020

January 21, 2020
The company's flagship line of amp modelers expands with a pair of new models that also include Tone Capture.
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Nu-X Effects Mighty Plug Demo | NAMM 2020

January 21, 2020
This rather small plug offers amp modeling, effects, Bluetooth, and recording-interface capabilities—all for $60.
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Line 6

Line 6 Debuts the POD Go Guitar Processor

January 18, 2020
A complete overhaul of the company's original multi-effects unit.
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Neural DSP Introduces the Quad Cortex

January 10, 2020
The company's first hardware unit comes armed with 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC and dual ARM architecture. That's enough firepower to run four rigs simultaneously.
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Foxgear Presents the ANUBI Series

December 17, 2019
Both the Ambient Box and Modulation Box feature stereo ins and outs, MIDI functionality, and room for 128 presets.
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Wampler Pedals Unveils the Terraform

November 15, 2019
The pedal features multiple routing options, true stereo, presets, MIDI control ,and 11 custom-designed modulation effects.
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Tech 21-2

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 V2 Review

November 4, 2019
New player- and performance-centric features make a compact tone toolbox even more powerful and flexible.
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Mooer Audio

Mooer Unveils the GE150

October 10, 2019
It features all the effects from the GE Series but with an ultra-lightweight, compact design that fits in most gig bags and backpacks.
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Joyo Vision - homepage

Joyo Vision Dual-Modulation Review

October 2, 2019
A wildly varied modulation machine delivers familiar to far-out tone colors at a rock-bottom price.
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Audibotics Launches the PlayX

September 24, 2019
A full-featured tube DSP multi-effects processor that's packed with features.
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