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Les Paul Juniors Iso Lab

Iso Lab: 1958 vs 1960 Gibson Les Paul Juniors

April 27, 2020
Our Nashville correspondent has a bash with his vintage single-cuts while staying safe during the pandemic.
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50s Les Pauls

Iso Lab: 1954 vs. 1956 Gibson Les Pauls

April 13, 2020
PG's demo dude and frequent Rig Rundown host demos his vintage LPs.
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march 20 Bottom Feeder - homepage

Will Ray’s Bottom Feeder: Vintage Icon V132

January 23, 2020
With a nod to the Les Paul Special, this P-90 equipped solidbody inspires.
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Reader Guitar of the Month: Peavey Predator

December 26, 2019
In pursuit of maximalist tone, a guitarist bestows his favorite S-shaped guitar body with three versatile pickups, ’50s wiring, and two toggles to help him do it all.
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Reader Guitar of the Month: The Wolf

October 29, 2019
How one guitarist transformed a hunk of plywood into a P-90 tone monster modeled after a classic Les Paul Junior.
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Vintage Vault: 1956 Gibson Les Paul

October 3, 2019
Do you dream of ’50s goldtops? You’re not alone.
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Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Epiphone Les Paul SL

August 12, 2019
When it comes to mods, sometimes two guitars make a better one.
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Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Gibson Music City Jr.

June 9, 2019
Trading for a P-90-powered prize.
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Heritage H-137SC Review

January 30, 2019
Two P-90s, four dials, and a slab of single-cutaway mahogany that are a ticket to rock ’n’ roll happiness.
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Reader Guitar of the Month: Fender Mustang 90 “Violet”

December 21, 2018
A reader uses Lego pieces to make his Frankenstang unique, but his tone simple.
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Vintage Vault: 1967 Gibson ES-330TD

December 17, 2018
A hollowbody thinline guitar with a sound that appealed to jazz players.
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Eastman T64/v Review

November 30, 2018
Vintage thinline sounds abound in an impressively relic’d and smooth-playing hollowbody.
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SNAMM '18 - Elliott Guitars Halocaster and Pine Top Demos

July 5, 2018
A mashup of two classic models results in fun, twangy tones. Also, check out two powerful combos that harken back to gritty tweeds.
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Vintage Vault: 1955 Gibson L-5 CES

July 5, 2018
Marvel at this post-World War II hollowbody, worn by play but still intact and all original.
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Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - M-Tone Guitars Custom Flight Risk Demos

May 29, 2018
Portland, Oregon, luthier Matt Proctor joins the Berlin gala with a pair of bespoke electrics boasting a head-turning array of metalwork.
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Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - TLL Guitars Marvin & Deckard Demos

May 29, 2018
Luthier Tobias Lund Lindberg drives 13 hours from Stockholm to Berlin to show off two understatedly suave, art-deco-inspired electrics.
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Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Spalt Instruments Fracture & Full Moon Rising Demos

May 26, 2018
Austrian Michael Spalt demos two exquisitely made electrics boasting an incredible level of nuanced personalization.
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Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Deimel Guitarworks Firestar LesLee Custom & Firestar Ellipse Demos

May 24, 2018
The German offset guru shows off two jaw-droppers—a colorful art pièce de résistance, and one with a behind-the-bridge pickup and experimental percussion chambers.
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Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Vuorensaku Guitars T Family Demos

May 23, 2018
Finnish luthier Saku Vuori shows off classic-styled electrics featuring handmade components, reclaimed vintage hardware, and even a built-in fuzz circuit.
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Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Modified Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

May 23, 2018
Three P-90s and a Bigsby remake a jazz box into a rockabilly raver.
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