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Nicole Row homepage

Rig Rundown: Panic! at the Disco’s Nicole Row

January 13, 2021
Funky custom Js and punchy Ps help this low-end maven earn gigs and nail tones from Motown to Miley and all points in between.
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Nordstrand Acinonyx Bass review homepage

How Do You Make a Cheetah Purr?

November 19, 2020
With a decidedly unique design, this cool and quirky short-scale bass appears to have the answer. The PG Nordstrand Acinonyx review.
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Nordstrand Pickups Releases the Power Blade 5 Bass Pickup

November 9, 2020
A drop-in replacement for P basses that features a thick steel blade and hum-canceling setup.
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Ibanez EHB 1505 5-string bass review Ibanez EHB 1505 5-string bass review homepage

Ibanez EHB 1505: The Premier Guitar Review

August 27, 2020
What’s loaded with tones, has an ergonomic body with cool lines, and a burl top … but no head?
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Nordstrand Acinonyx Demo - Summer Gear Slam 2020

July 15, 2020
Noted pickup maker and luthier Carey Nordstrand's first import bass is inspired by a '60s Goya cult classic and comes in at a remarkably affordable price.
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Rocket Surgeon StarLifter Review

July 10, 2019
A combination preamp/DI with a host of goodies takes bass tone-sculpting to celestial heights.
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Rocket Surgeon

Rocket Surgeon Introduces the Starlifter Bass Preamp/DI

April 19, 2019
A handy bass preamp/DI that features a 3-band EQ and a sweepable mid control.
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Quick Hit: Rocket Surgeon Codename: Black Hat Review

February 6, 2019
A utilitarian fuzz that refuses to play the copycat game and ends up being totally predictable … and yet somehow also refreshingly unique.
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NAMM 2019 Editors' Picks Day 3

January 26, 2019
Juan Alderete and Nick Reinhart from Pedals and Effects join the PG gang to talk about new noise machines from Beetronics, Synergy, Blackstar, Nordstrand, and more.
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Tools for the Task: J-Bass-Style Replacement Pickups

January 14, 2019
Reward yourself and your Jazz or J-style bass by conjuring up a new (or old) voice through a set of replacement pickups.
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Rocket Surgeon Introduces the Ice Caves Ambient Reverb

December 11, 2018
The pedal features three different ambience options along with echo, brightness, and ice controls.
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Nordstrand Audio Releases Zen Blade—Big Hum Cancelling Blade Pickup

August 14, 2018
The sidewinding pickup is balanced, meditative, and at one with the face of the musical universe.
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Tools for the Task: Vintage-Voiced P-Bass Pickups

April 16, 2018
Give a P-style bass new life with an old-school sound by swapping in a set of vintage-flavored pickups.
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Nordstrand Audio

Nordstrand Audio Releases the Nordenbocker Pickup

March 5, 2018
The classic Nordstrand Big Single is now available in Rickenbacker size.
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Rocket Surgeon Boris Review

December 19, 2017
The smoother side of fuzz rears its head in this interpretation of an Eastern-Bloc Big Muff.
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Nordstrand Audio

Nordstrand Audio Releases the Big SplitMan

September 15, 2017
A drop-in replacement that features alnico V magnets.
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Nordstrand Audio

Nordstrand Audio Releases the Big BladeMan

August 25, 2017
The essence of the pickup's tone starts with a custom-designed 3B preamp.
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Quick Hit: Rocket Surgeon Labs Seratone—Mood Altering Bass Fuzz Review

August 3, 2017
This fuzz box for bassists takes a pass on the clean and goes all-in on the dirt.
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Nordstrand Audio

Nordstrand Audio Releases the Power Blade

July 19, 2017
A hum-cancelling pickup designed for cop P-bass tones.
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Rocket Surgeon Effects

Rocket Surgeon Effect Pedal Laboratory Introduces the Boris: Fuzz For the People

June 13, 2017
The pedal's roots lie in a particular four-transistor Russian circuit from the '90s.
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