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Eddie Van Halen


Mark Tremonti

"I Didn't Know What the Hell Was Going On"

February 25, 2021
Mark Tremonti describes the first time he heard "Cathedral" and goes deep into each track on Diver Down.
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Billy Corgan

Eddie Van Halen At His Meanest

February 10, 2021
“It was almost a form of violence,” says Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan of EVH’s playing on Fair Warning.
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Alex Skolnick Hooked

Hooked: Alex Skolnick on Van Halen's "I'm the One"

February 9, 2021
Testament's shredder recollects how EVH's swinging, sneering ripper redirected him down the path of a hard-rock lead guitarist.
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Nuno Bettencourt

The Greatest Guitar Riff of All Time was Written on Piano

January 21, 2021
“Unchained” gets put under a microscope as Nuno Bettencourt and Dweezil Zappa analyze the awesome tones and licks of Van Halen’s Fair Warning.
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Nuno Bettencourt

Eddie Van Halen Played the Greatest G Chord Ever

January 7, 2021
Heavy funk, slide guitar, bluesy grooves, and drop-D riffs—Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt and Dweezil Zappa x-ray the unpredictable bones of Van Halen's classic Fair Warning.
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Wizard of Odd Teisco homepage

Could “Eruption” Have Been Conceived on a Teisco?

January 4, 2021
This ’60s solidbody is exceptionally cool, but knowing it’s the same model Sir Edward started out on makes it much cooler.
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Blues Saraceno

Van Halen's Weirdest Tune

December 31, 2020
Diamond Dave on guitar, Nicolette Larsen on vocals, and a raging thunderstorm—Dweezil and Blues Saraceno dissect “Could This Be Magic,” from their deep dive into Women and Children First.
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Blues Saraceno

Eddie Van Halen Had the World's Loudest Car Stereo

December 17, 2020
Blues Saraceno on how EVH made solid-gold riffs with raw noise and took Van Halen to a deeper, textured sound on Women and Children First.
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Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert Grabs a 6-String to Analyze Van Halen II Cut by Cut

December 10, 2020
The shred master talks about how EVH ignited his playing, and his latest hobby: playing David Lee Roth’s vocal lines on guitar.
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John Bohlinger Last Call November 20 homepage

Last Call: Evolution

November 12, 2020
Much like birds, we are constantly developing our own musical voices.
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Eddie Van Halen

Lifetime Super Fans Remember Brushes with EVH

October 9, 2020
Way Huge founder Jeorge Tripps and journalist Matt Blackett share stories of hanging, laughing with, and getting schooled by the late guitar god.
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dweezil tribute on evh homepage2

Dweezil Zappa: “Edward Van Halen Himself Was Lightning in a Bottle”

October 8, 2020
A lifelong friend and student of EVH grieves the loss of a once-in-a-lifetime artist who fused musicality, precision, and groove with an architect’s vision.
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EVH Memoriam Photo by Jim Bennett/Photo Bakery homepage

In Memoriam: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen

October 7, 2020
Gold necklaces, contraband mags, and backstage near-run-ins: How the guitar god helped shape the life of PG’s editorial director in far more than just guitar playing.
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Mike Sullivan Van Halen Panama 1984 hooked on guitar

Hooked: Russian Circles' Mike Sullivan on Van Halen's "Panama"

June 16, 2020
Thanks to an older brother and the iconic 1984 album, the post-rock instrumentalist reminisces about his first "gig" on his parent's porch with a tee-ball stand and tennis racket.
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Last Call: Following Van Halen on a Quest for Power Control

October 17, 2019
Early on, Eddie discovered Variacs allowed him to adjust the electrical voltage output to his amps. Here’s a way to do it if you’re on a budget.
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EVH Announces the Striped Series Shark Model

January 30, 2019
A model based on the iconic striped guitar that Eddie Van Halen debuted during the first Van Halen tour in 1978.
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MXR EVH 5150 Chorus Review

November 26, 2018
Eddie’s chorus pedal is full of idiosyncrasies and interesting tonal surprises.
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EVH 5150III 1x12 50W 6L6 Combo Review

July 10, 2018
Improvements to this 6L6 combo mean tone variation and versatility that transcend Van Halen sound templates.
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First Look: EVH 5150 Chorus

July 9, 2018
Watch John Bohlinger play "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Finish What Ya Started," and a handful of his own licks to test out the swoosh box loosely based on the Roland DC-30.
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EVH Unveils New Eruption Tribute Models

June 29, 2018
Eddie Van Halen played “Eruption” from Van Halen in its entirety on each guitar and then signed the back of the headstock, which was video recorded for prosperity and will be presented to the instrument’s future owner on an EVH thumb drive.
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