December 2019

Free The Tone


Pedal Alley 2019: Reader Boards

February 14, 2019
Whether it’s collections of old-school straightforward stomps or elaborate circuits for spacey experimentation, each year we’re blown away by the different pedalboard setups our readers come up with. Here’s a dozen for the tonal takeaway.
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Free the Tone Announces the RF Phase Modulation Delay Future Factory FF-1Y

January 24, 2019
A modulation machine that features a random fluctuating phase modulation function.
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Free the Tone Black Vehicle BV-1V Review

January 11, 2019
A meticulously designed, quiet black box that churns out an impressive palette of amp-like overdrive.
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Free the Tone Releases the BV-1V Black Vehicle Bass Overdrive

August 14, 2018
From a natural grind to a heavy distorted sound, the bass-specific drive can create a wide variety of sounds similar to driving an old-school vacuum tube amplifier.
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Free the Tone Unveils the String Slinger and Fire Mist

April 23, 2018
The String Slinger aims to hit the American blues sound symbolized during the classic "blackface" period.
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Free the Tone Unveils Programmable Analog 10-Band EQ

December 1, 2017
An analog effect with digital control.
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Free the Tone Unveils the Flight Time FT-2Y

April 27, 2017
Free The Tones’s high sound quality digital delay Flight Time reappears with improvements responding to strong requests from players all over the world.
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Quick Hit: Free the Tone Ambi Space Review

January 1, 2017
A powerful but straightforward route to six ’verbs, ranging from subtle to subterranean.
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Free The Tone Announces the Ambi Space Digital Reverb

September 26, 2016
A high-tech reverberation machine built to explore the depths of space.
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Free The Tone Introduces the TA-1H Tri Avatar

December 10, 2015
A chorus pedal with four signal paths for three chorus sounds (three phases) and one dry signal.
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Free the Tone Flight Time Delay Review

March 4, 2015
Rack-mount delay power in an inventive, intuitive stomp.
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Free the Tone Announces the Flight Time Digital Delay FT-1Y

October 28, 2014
A brand new high-quality delay unit with the world’s first realtime BPM analyzer and delay time offset controls.
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Free The Tone Releases the MS SOV Overdrive

August 11, 2014
Once only available as a limited-edition model, the MS SOV is now available as part of the standard production line.
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Free The Tone Introduces the Red Jasper Overdrive

March 3, 2014
The Red Jasper includes Free The Tone's HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit.
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Free The Tone Unveils Gigs Boson Overdrive

July 30, 2013
Japan-based Free The Tone has announced their new Gigs Boson overdrive pedal.
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