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Frederic Effects Announces the Regent 150 Preamp

July 23, 2019
A classic from the Eastern Bloc gets the reissue treatment.
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Rocket Surgeon StarLifter Review

July 10, 2019
A combination preamp/DI with a host of goodies takes bass tone-sculpting to celestial heights.
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First Look: Aclam Dr. Robert

July 1, 2019
Spanish stompbox specialists conjure the biting, stinging, and fab-fuzzy spirit of the '66 Beatles and the rare Vox UL730.
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Victory V4 The Kraken Review

June 18, 2019
Packaging the Kraken amp’s preamp in a stompbox yields a flexible, malleable, and monstrous high-gain machine.
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Palmer Presents the Acoustic Pocket Amp

June 4, 2019
An effects pedal and preamp designed to use with acoustic instruments.
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Rocktron Introduces The VooDu Valve LTD

May 8, 2019
A limited-edition version of one of the company's most popular preamps.
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Lawrence Petross Design Releases the Seventy 4 Overdrive

April 25, 2019
The handcrafted stomp is an all-analog overdrive based on classic '70s British amps.
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GR Bass Unveils the Pure Drive

April 19, 2019
An ultra-compact bass toolbox packed with an overdrive, 4-band EQ, and more.
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Rocket Surgeon Introduces the Starlifter Bass Preamp/DI

April 19, 2019
A handy bass preamp/DI that features a 3-band EQ and a sweepable mid control.
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Sunnaudio Releases the Rabbithead RH-1

April 18, 2019
An integrated preamp and overdrive circuit designed for guitars, basses, and just about any other acoustic/electric instrument.
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Quick Hit: Carvin X1 Tube Preamp Review

April 18, 2019
Vai’s “Blue Powder” amp gets distilled into a hefty-ass pedal with convenient recording and practice capabilities.
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Synergy Announces the Engl Savage, Friedman BE/BB, and Synergy OS Modules

April 12, 2019
A trio of new modular preamps that covers the tones of a few high-gain monsters and one of the most in-demand builders ever.
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Quick Hit: Electro-Harmonix Nano Battalion Review

April 7, 2019
A slimmed-down version of EHX’s tone toolbox for bassists didn’t lose any weight in the functionality department.
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KSR Amplification Introduces the Ceres

April 4, 2019
Perfect for travel rigs, recording rigs, and adding tonal options to any amp, this 3-channel preamp distills the high-gain, crunch, and clean tones KSR is known for into a pedal format.
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Trickfish Trilobite Review

February 8, 2019
The name may suggest something aquatic, but there’s nothing watered down about this DI.
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NAMM '19 - Chase Bliss Audio Automatone Series Preamp Mk II & Blooper Demos

January 29, 2019
Born out of collaboration with Chris Benson, the updated preamp includes presets, fuzz, automation, and more
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NAMM '19 - Greer SOMA ‘63 Vintage Preamp Demo with Ariel Posen

January 26, 2019
The soulful roots rocker steps in to give the Georgia pedal outfit's new brownface-inspired preamp a workout.
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Revv Amps Returns with the G4 Preamp Pedal

January 21, 2019
The amp-in-a-box adds the gain channel from the Generator 120 MkII to your rig.
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Neunaber Audio Announces the Neuron

January 17, 2019
A guitar preamp with speaker simulator, compressor, noise gate, presets, and MIDI.
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Taurus Amp Announces the Vandall-500

December 27, 2018
The Polish-made hybrid bass amp rocks out 500W and includes both solid-state and tube preamps.
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