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Darkglass Electronics Announces the Element

July 1, 2020
A cab sim and headphone amp wrapped inside a minimalist design.
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Hilbish Design Introduces the Sol-Invictus Preamp Pedal

June 29, 2020
A dual-channel preamp with roots in the classic SUNN Beta Lead and Bass amplifier.
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tritonlab bass preamp distortion eq pedal review homepage

When Bass Tone Shaping and OD Align

June 28, 2020
Potent overdrive plus solid EQ-ing capabilities equals old-school grit. The PG Tritonlab Equinox review.
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DryBell Musical Electronic Laboratory Announces the Engine

June 3, 2020
A fully analog foundation preamp pedal inspired by classic British tones.
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Nu-X Unveils the Optima Air

April 16, 2020
A dual-switch acoustic guitar simulator inspired by 3 Sigma Audio.
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Synergy Amps Announces the ENGL Powerball Module

March 30, 2020
The module features a 3-band EQ and separate gain and mid boost switches on each channel.
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j rockett-APE-homepage

J. Rockett APE: The Premier Guitar Review

March 17, 2020
Liven up your lame digital delay with the ultimate EP-3-style booster.
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Synergy Amps Introduces the Steve Vai Signature Module

March 4, 2020
The all-tube, dual-channel preamp is the company's first signature model.
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Orange Bass Butler & Little Bass Thing Demos | NAMM 2020

January 24, 2020
Want the flexibility of a dual-amp bass rig without the doctor bills? Here's an oversized stomp that gives you a wealth of different routing options.
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L.R. Baggs

L.R. Baggs Soundscape Demo | NAMM 2020

January 21, 2020
With a smartphone and a pedal, you can accurately capture the profile of your acoustic guitar’s tone and use it to replace your pickup’s signal in performance, for a sound that’s truly real.
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MXR Pork and Pickle and Thump

Way Huge Pork & Pickle Smalls and MXR Thump Demos | NAMM 2020

January 16, 2020
A smaller version of a classic bass overdrive and a mini preamp that offers a wealth of tonal options.
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Victory Amps

Victory Amps Releases the Duchess V4

January 16, 2020
The amp combines an all-tube preamp with a solid-state, 180-watt, class D power amp.
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Orange Amps Releases the Bass Butler and Little Bass Thing

January 6, 2020
The British amp company's latest offerings are a slender 500-watt head and a pedal-sized bass rig.
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JHS Pedals Announces the Colour Box V2

November 26, 2019
The updated version includes expanded EQ controls, hi/lo switch, and the ability to pass phantom power.
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J. Rockett

J. Rockett Audio Announces the APE

November 25, 2019
A pedal-sized recreation of a classic preamp.
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Joyo Audio Launches the R-15 PreAmp House

November 21, 2019
Each of the nine different modes aims to cop the tones of classic amps.
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EBS Micro3 - homepage

EBS MicroBass 3 Review

November 18, 2019
This versatile outboard preamp/DI combines the flavors of two classic amps for tone-sculpting nirvana.
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Tech 21

Tech 21 Releases the SansAmp PSA 2.0

November 14, 2019
The company celebrates the 30th anniversary with a streamlined version of their famed rackmount unit.
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Vertex Effects Introduces the Nyle Compressor and Preamp

October 21, 2019
Two circuits in its enclosure—a vintage rack compressor and a vintage-style mic preamp.
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Trickfish Amplification Announces the Minnow Bass Preamp

October 14, 2019
The EQ section from the company's Bullhead is now available as a standalone pedal.
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