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The Year in Gear 2018

November 20, 2018
Step inside Premier Guitar’s magical, miraculous time machine and revisit the gear that stood head and shoulders above the rest as Premier Gear Award winners in 2018.
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PureSalem Mendiola Review

March 16, 2018
A graceful and thoughtfully executed mashup of Fender, Gibson, and Eko elements adds up to a lean, clean, and mean performance 6-string.
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NAMM '18 - PureSalem Guitars Cardinal Bass & Levitation 12-String Demos

February 12, 2018
Vintage form defines the first bass and debut 12-string by this Florida company.
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PureSalem Guitars Unveils Mendiola

March 2, 2017
The Florida-based crew take cues from the cult classic Ekomaster and add their new mini-humbucker to it.
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NAMM '17 - PureSalem Guitars Mendiola Demo

February 5, 2017
See what happens when you mate a mini-humbucker with the stylings of an old Ekomaster—minus all the plastic switches.
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NAMM '16 - PureSalem Guitars Attack Captain, Pink Beard & Honey Bunny Demos

February 11, 2016
The retro-inspired, futuristic guitar company joins forces with 323 Effects to create three new fuzzboxes.
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PureSalem Guitars Announces the SalemFuzz Project

February 4, 2016
PureSalem Guitars will introduce three to five new fuzz pedals a year in very limited runs.
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NAMM 2016: Editors' Picks – Day 3

January 23, 2016
Take a look at the PG editors' top picks from Day 3 of NAMM.
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GALLERY: NAMM 2016 Day 3

January 23, 2016
A few highlights from Day 3 of NAMM.
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PureSalem El Gordo Review

October 12, 2015
A vintage-styling mash-up—and a versatile rock ’n’ roll machine.
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PureSalem Announces the Cardinal

September 3, 2015
A new offset model loaded with custom-wound pickups.
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PureSalem Guitars Introduces the LaFlaca

June 15, 2015
An adventurous new model with some retro vibes.
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Pure Salem Guitars Introduces the Gordo

March 24, 2015
The new models feature updated electronics and pickups.
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NAMM '15 - PureSalem Guitars La Flaca Demo

January 31, 2015
See and hear a new 6-string that is a blast from the past.
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PureSalem Electric End Review

December 25, 2013
New direct-buy builder combines confrontational looks with expansive sounds
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PureSalem Guitars Announces the Tom Cat

October 21, 2013
Named after a Muddy Waters tune, the Tom Cat is a set-neck guitar loaded with Kent Armstrong P-90 pickups.
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