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Carbon Fiber


RainSong V-DR1100N2 Review homepage

Carbon + Wood Looks and Sounds Good

November 1, 2020
A spruce-and-carbon-fusion top yields a tough, sweetly ringing dread with a more traditional look. The Premier Guitar RainSong V-DR1100N2 review.
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Lava Music Lava Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar Review homepage

Shaping Tomorrow’s Guitars Today

September 3, 2020
No, this futuristic 6-string is definitely not your dad’s cool old dread. The PG Lava Me Pro review.
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Quick Hit: Klōs Travel Guitar Review

May 28, 2018
An impressive-playing carbon-fiber mini promises stability, extreme portability, and respectable tones for a host of road-tripping adventures.
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NAMM '18 - Composite Acoustics | Trace Elliot Legacy and Transit AGP Preamp Demos

February 16, 2018
A new preamp system highlights the company’s latest NAMM offerings.
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RainSong CH-WS Review

November 24, 2017
A more accessibly priced RainSong also delivers nuance, balance, and tones that rival solid wood flattops.
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SNAMM '16 - Journey Instruments the Overhead Demo

July 19, 2016
This guitar-on-the-go is purportedly impervious to the elements and designed for easy stowing on a plane.
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kevin michael

NAMM '16 - Kevin Michael Guitars Sable Demo

February 12, 2016
Inspired by its parent company, McPherson Guitars, Kevin Michael unveils a new full-size, carbon-fiber model and updates its travel-friendly composite flattop.
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