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Shaping Tomorrow’s Guitars Today

Shaping Tomorrow’s Guitars Today

No, this futuristic 6-string is definitely not your dad’s cool old dread. The PG Lava Me Pro review.

Recorded direct into Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 into Garageband.
0:00 - Effects off.
0:18 - Onboard reverb at 50 percent
0:35 - Onboard delay set at 50 percent
0:52 - Onboard chorus at 50 percent


Smart design. Excellent playability. Onboard effects, even unplugged. Nice gig bag.

Non-traditional design is not for all. Slippery when sitting down. No onboard tuner.


Lava Music Lava Me Pro





I love talking tonewoods and the history of traditional lutherie, but I’m also a tech nerd and conservationist who has long followed the evolution of carbon-fiber instruments. And I’m even more enthused with what’s possible today, after some time with the Lava Me Pro. A stand-out feature—beyond its obvious visuals—is the single-piece, injection-molded body/neck design, which utilizes aluminum and Lava Music’s proprietary AirSonic material. The playability is excellent thanks to the Plek’d fretboard and fast (albeit different feeling) neck. With the slick, Ovation-esque back and the pear-ish-like shape of the body, it did take some getting used to in a sitting position, but it was quite comfortable strapped up. According to Lava Music, the guitar is “weatherproof,” and impervious to extreme (or non-extreme) changes in temperature and humidity.

Unplugged, the Lava Me Pro is a cannon.

Unplugged, the Lava Me Pro is a cannon. Its rich, deep, and loud lows blend nicely (while still remaining solitary) with the ringing highs and clear mids that hold it all together. The onboard rechargeable L2 Pro preamp—co-designed with L.R. Baggs—provides a menu of effects, including a natural-sounding reverb, chorus, and tap-tempo delay. And they’re all on tap unplugged. The preamp also manages the built-in body mic and piezo system that can be blended to taste via the mix control. When I did plug into an acoustic amp, the electronics were super quiet and feedback was pretty much a non-issue. The Lava Me Pro is a loaded, well-constructed, and easy playing guitar with some fine tones living inside. It isn’t exactly inexpensive, but its price tag is certainly compelling when compared to other carbon-fiber options out there.

Test Gear: Orange Crush Acoustic 30, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4