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Beyond Blues

Learn how to add some ear-twisting sounds and push your blues playing to the next level.

Deep Blues

Learn all about turnarounds, fills, rhythm playing, leads and more from some of the best blues instructors around.

Diary of a So-Called Shredder

Underground sensation Terry Syrek shares his tales of world domination via his patented licks of doom.

Fretboard Workshop

Understand the inner-workings of fretboard theory and how to apply them to your own playing.

Future Rock

Join sideman-to-the-stars Justin Derrico as he walks you through some of the tips and tricks he uses to deliver his unique brand of rock.

Kick Out the Jams

Delve into the world of improvisation and learn how to navigate chord changes.


Rhythm Rules

Give your rhythm chops a tune up by breaking down the basic elements of everything from pop and rock grooves to dirty funk guitar.

Style Guide

Take a deeper look into some of the most mystifying genres and styles around.


Twang 101

Need some of that Nashville sound? Understand the basics of everything from rockabilly rhythm to flashy double stops and chicken pickin'.