Altar Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti''s latest DVD, The Sound and the Story

Chicago, IL (November 25, 2008) - Core Twelve Productions partners with rock guitarist Mark Tremonti to produce another instructional DVD in their Fret 12 series. The Sound and the Story follows other Fret 12 productions by including “total picture presentations” of the artist’s stories, compositions and routines, which is designed to create an informative and relevant learning experiences.

With a unique playing style and tone, signature PRS guitars and effects and over 30 million records sold, Tremonti has plenty to share as a self-taught guitarist. From techniques and exercises to writing and performing, Tremonti gives a comprehensive look at his playing and the ways he pushes himself to continue developing as an artist.

The DVD features an introduction by Paul Reed Smith, breakdown of solos from Alter Bridge's Blackbird album,
live concert footage, original compositions, 40+ exercises, a live rig and guitar tour and a complimentary tablature book. It also includes in-depth guest lessons by Myles Kennedy, Michael Angelo Batio, Troy Stetina, Rusty Cooley and Bill Peck, which is all packed into over three hours of footage.

A nice feature that further engages the mentor and their protégés is the ability for users to get lesson updates, career news from artists, a social networking platform with behind-the-scenes video, instructional content, photos, and information to create an immersive experience for fans and musicians alike.

Look for a review of the DVD in the upcoming January issue of Premier Guitar.

Go here to watch a PG video interview with Mark Tremonti while at Experience PRS.

For more info:
Mark Tremonti: The Sound and the Story

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