mark tremonti

From left to right: Brian Marshall, Myles Kennedy, Scott Phillips, and Mark Tremonti together form a supergroup bolstered by Tremonti and Kennedy's fierce guitar playing and Phillips and Marshall's powerful rhythm section.

Photo by Chuck Brueckmann

On the band’s new album, Pawns & Kings, its creative leaders prove the virtues of deep songwriting, tube amp tones, PRS guitars, and hard work.

On top of having all the trappings of an epic rock band, Alter Bridge, who’ve just released a new album called Pawns & Kings, has the necessary talent and magnetism to back them up. Just look at the lineup: Their charismatic frontman, singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy, is considered among the best vocalists in modern rock; guitarist Mark Tremonti is not just heroic on the instrument, but virtuosic; and together, Brian Marshall’s melodic bass playing and drummer Scott “Flip” Phillips’ Bonham-like power generate megawattage.

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This limited-edition guitar features a 25.5" scale length that allows players to tune down but ditch the wound 3rd string.

Stevensville, MD (October 7, 2016) -- PRS Guitars is pleased to continue their relationship with Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed fame with the announcement of the Limited Edition Tremonti Baritone model. Based on Mark Tremonti’s signature PRS model, this limited edition guitar features a longer 25.5” scale length that allows players to tune down but ditch the wound “G” so they have the freedom to play lead as well as rhythm. Tremonti’s signature pickups are a perfect fit with an aggressive, articulate tone and the Pattern Thin figured maple neck makes playing a breeze the all the way up the neck.

"This is one of my favorite guitars I’ve ever played. It’s a dream come true for people who like to tune low and still be able to solo. I absolutely love it," said Mark Tremonti in a recent video interview.

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Mark Tremonti is a man of many bands, and a man of many PRS guitars. But this charcoal-burst single-cut is his absolute favorite. “I use that on anything tuned a half-step down or in standard tuning,” he says.
Photo by Atlas Icons / Steve Legato

The prolific guitarist discusses working with Wolfgang Van Halen on his upcoming releases Cauterize and Dust.

It would be perfectly understandable if Mark Tremonti woke up some mornings asking himself, “What band am I in today?” In addition to his two-decade stint as a member of the multi-platinum outfit Creed, the guitar virtuoso leads a double (or is it triple?) life with the successful four-piece Alter Bridge and the recent solo project that bears his surname, Tremonti.

“It can be a bit of a juggling act, but it’s not as crazy as you might think,” Tremonti says with a laugh. “I just have to do a lot of planning ahead, but that’s okay because I like to keep busy. No matter what band I’m working with at any given time, I’m always in songwriting mode, and that makes everything easier for me. Sometimes when you shut it off for a few months, it’s hard to get it back. I’m always firing on all cylinders when it comes to keeping the imagination going.”

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