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Two Notes Unleashes the Opus Amp Simulator

Two Notes Opus amp pedal

Featuring pre- & power-amp tube-stage modeling, MIDI integration, and USB-C connectivity, the Opus is designed to deliver apex-level tone in a compact, portable package.

For deft ease-of-use, Torpedo Remote (iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows) serves as the nexus of your tone-shaping experience; simply hookup to your Phone, Tablet, or Desktop and experience liberated1:1 integration with every editable parameter in the OPUS architecture. Tonally, everything you demand from a state-of-the-art digital Amp Sim is here; whether it’s a thundering high-gain onslaught, a sublime clean primed to serve as the foundation of a pedalboard rig, or a mojo-fuelled Brit-inspired roar, each and every base is covered. OPUS, it’s more than a masterpiece: it’s a back-line in your gig bag and a macrocosm of next-level tonal excellence


  • Foundry- Whether it’s a pristine high-headroom clean or a primo foundation for your pedal collection, Foundry delivers. In short, it’s the epitome of a classic Cali clean, brimming with warm saturation and engineered to capture every subtle nuance of your delivery.
  • Peggy- Bass players seeking the pinnacle in low-end theory, look no further than Peggy. Pushingcomplex harmonic overtones, a warm midrange, and oodles of rafter ratlin’ thump, Peggy delivers the perfect blend of classic ’60s bass sonics with expertly-tuned tweak-ability to sit your tone in any pocket!
  • Albion- For those times when only a legendary Brit-inspired roar will suffice, there’s Albion. Complete with a rich vocal mid-range, lashings of punch, boat-loads of power, and gain-for-days, Albion is your secret weapon when diving head-first into Classic- and Hard-Rock territory.
  • Foxy- Seeking chime, articulation, and buttery-smooth presence? Foxy’s a one-stop shop! With airy heights, impeccable breakup, and sublime mid-range bite when pushing the gain, Foxy is primed to take on everything from sultry Jazz to rauch-fuelled Rock n’ Roll.
  • NiftyFifty- Want gain? NiftyFifty’s got it on tap! It’s aggression incarnate. It’s punchy. It’s super-versatile covering everything from a warm full-throttle onslaught to a searing lead tone that cuts through any mix. Whether it’s the darker side of metal or a tone that wouldn’t be amiss in 80s-inspired virtuosity, NiftyFifty is deserving of any contemporary player’s sonic arsenal.

Additional OPUS Highlights

  • Pro-grade suite of essential DSP-powered processors and effects including an EQ, Enhancer, NoiseGate, and Reverb
  • 99 preset locations and an exclusive collection of 40+ artist-series presets from the likes of Pete Thorn, Michael Nielsen, Jack Gardiner, Tom Quayle, Adam Steel, John Browne, Jay Leonard Jay and more (available as downloads upon product registration)
  • MIDI input for seamless assimilation into existing set-ups; MIDI breakout cable included
  • USB-C connectivity for future-proofed rapid data transfer
  • Dual Static IR Loader and Acoustic DI with 40+ premier Acoustic Impulse Responses included
  • Compact ultra-portable footprint and rugged, road-ready metal chassis

OPUS is available immediately from Two Notes stockists worldwide and ships for $299.99.

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Two Notes Opus Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine Pedal

OPUS Amp Sim Speaker Sim Amp DI Pedal
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