Swiss luthier Claudio Pagelli demonstrates his complete mastery of technique with the one-of-a-kind design of the Massari.

I’ve always admired the supportive nature of the luthier community. Regardless of size or competitive positioning, many of the best builders share knowledge and inspiration with each other in an effort to move the entire art form forward. One of the most generous and uniquely talented of these is Swiss luthier Claudio Pagelli and his wife/business partner, Claudia—whom he says “brought style and a whole new dimension to my guitars.” You won’t meet two warmer or more welcoming people in the guitar business, but that’s only half of the reason admirers and fellow artisans like Paul Reed Smith, Bob Benedetto, and Ulrich Teuffel speak glowingly of the pair. The other half is, of course, their gorgeously innovative designs and exacting execution.

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Nik Huber''s Rietbergen is an exceptionally fine instrument that reflects the talent and equally exceptional qualities of its creator.

Since 1996, Nik Huber and his team have been crafting highly regarded electric guitars from their shop 20 miles outside of Frankfurt, Germany. With an emphasis on quality, measured growth, and a genuine love for the guitar, Huber has thoughtfully expanded his line to cover multiple facets of electric guitar design. From his flagship Dolphin to the Les Paul-inspired Orca, the Tele-esque Twangmeister, and the Les Paul Junior-influenced Krautster, Huber covers a vast sonic landscape.

An archtop was a logical extension of the line, and the team embarked on that mission in 2011 using his single cutaway Dolphin model as the foundation. The first prototype became the first production model, with just a few modifications. The result, the Rietbergen, is an exceptionally fine instrument that reflects the talent and equally exceptional qualities of its creator.

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A longtime Premier Guitar fan scores an autograph-laden ''80s CE and struggles with the dilemma of keeping it all-original or having the PRS Technical Center update it to current specs.

The PRS was originally outfitted with Standard Treble and Standard Bass pickups, and a 1-piece MannMade brass bridge.

About four years ago, a good friend of mine—a collector of art and firearms—called to ask if I’d ever heard of a “Pairs” guitar. From time to time, this friend reaches out if he runs across a guitar in one of the many obscure auction sites he frequents. Naturally, I was puzzled. As a lifelong guitar enthusiast, how could I have missed these rare—and apparently valuable—Pairs guitars?

To help me understand what he was talking about, he directed me to an auction website where, amongst lots of old furniture and artwork, there was a listing for a “PRS Guitar (autographed).”

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New guitars and other highlights from the company''s annual owner''s event.

"PRS unveiled a few new models at the event, from left to right: the 408, Angelus acoustic with pickup option, and SE Custom 24 7-string."