MI’s Guitar Craft Academy employs a hands-on teaching approach.

For players looking to start down a career path that never takes them away from their first love, the Guitar Craft Program offers a foundational education that can open a lot of doors—no previous experience required.

Musicians do what they do because of the invigorating and rewarding feeling that comes with creating something from scratch. For a guitarist, this may stem from a new idea for a riff, melody, or an entire song. But there’s also a sizable contingent of players who get the same fulfillment from selecting wood, combining it with some hardware and magnets, and building a complete guitar from the ground up. For many, though, there’s a more clear-cut path toward making a career playing music than there is for those who wish to make instruments for a living.

At the outset, most of us don’t have the skill set, the know-how, the experience, or the connections it takes to get our foot in the door of the guitar building and repair industry. But with more educational programs being established in recent years, you can actually attend schools like the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to learn how to build guitars. “We want to break it all down and take the mystery out of it,” says Paul Roberts, chair of MI’s Guitar Craft Academy. “We want to give people the experience and a starting point for a career.”

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