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Joe Bonamassa's "Tour de Force: Live in London" DVD Review

The expansive DVD package comes with roughly 13 hours of footage including four different shows, with four different band configurations, using four different setlists in four separate venues around London.

Joe Bonamassa
Tour de Force: Live in London
J&R Adventures

Earlier this year, Bonamassa undertook the challenge of his career and elected to perform a series of four different shows, with four different band configurations, using four different setlists in four separate venues around London.

The DVD package is as expansive as they come with roughly nine hours of live concert footage accompanied by an additional four hours of bonus material. The first gig was meant as homage to Bonamassa’s earlier trio years and found him playing a— gasp—Strat. The second and third shows took place at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and the Hammersmith Apollo with the former designed as a blues night and the latter a rock showcase.

The last night, Bonamassa revisited the Royal Albert Hall, the hallowed venue where he first made a name for himself in 2009. A number of highly prized “guest stars” appeared in the form of Rory Gallagher’s 1961 Strat, Bernie Marsden’s ’59 Les Paul and the fabled 1959 Peter Green/Gary Moore Burst Les Paul.

Overall it’s a triumph. You really have to marvel at Bonamassa’s gumption, and moreso, his sheer will and determination to pull it off.

Andy Timmons records rare Lennon/McCartney song "I'm In Love" at Abbey Road's Studio Two.

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Firebirds came stock with a solid G-logo tailpiece, although Bigsby vibratos were often added.

Photo by George Aslaender

The author’s PX-6131 model is an example of vintage-guitar evolution that offers nostalgic appeal in the modern world—and echoes of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young.

An old catchphrase among vintage dealers used to run: “All Gretsches are transition models.” While their near-constant evolution was considered confusing, today their development history is better understood. This guitar however is a true transition model, built just as the Jet line was undergoing major changes in late 1961.

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On her new record with her trio, Molly Miller executes a live-feeling work of structural harmony that mirrors her busy life.

Photo by Anna Azarov

The accomplished guitarist and teacher’s new record, like her lifestyle, is taut and exciting—no more, and certainly no less, than is needed.

Molly Miller, a self-described “high-energy person,” is fully charged by the crack of dawn. When Ischeduled our interview, she opted for the very first slot available—8:30 a.m.—just before her 10 a.m. tennis match!

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DØVYDAS & John Bohlinger Busk in Downtown Nashville
DØVYDAS & Bohlinger Busk in Downtown Nashville Before We Give Takamine Guitar & Fishman Amp to Local

Then we give a Takamine guitar & Fishman amp to an up-and-coming Nashville musician.

Music City is always swirling with top-notch musicians performing anywhere they can, so Takamine and Fishman challenged PG's John Bohlinger to take his talents downtown to—gig on the street—where he ran into YouTube sensation DØVYDAS and hands over his gear to rising star Tera Lynne Fister.

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