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Paoletti Guitars | NAMM 2022

Paoletti Guitars | NAMM 2022
Paoletti Guitars Stratospheric Loft Series SSS & Nancy Loft Series Demos | NAMM 2022

Watch how a very long legacy of Italian winemaking informed the design of a pair of new guitars.

Stratospheric Series

What makes a Paoletti guitar unique is the careful selection and use of aged chestnut woods, preserved and reclaimed from our 130+ year old wine barrels. The vibrations that a chestnut body generates is one of a kind in frequency, harmony, and offers tonal sustain across the full harmonic spectrum.

Here is a Paoletti Stratospheric Loft HH - Heavy Deep Blue equipped with Roasted Maple, Tremolo Bridge and Paoletti OEM hardware. Designed by Darrell Braun.

Paoletti Guitars