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Versoul Raya 12 & Swan 4 | NAMM 2022

Versoul Raya 12 & Swan 4 | NAMM 2022
Versoul Raya Ronnie Wood Blue Light Model Demo | NAMM 2022

See how the company took one of their standout models and added a wealth of high-end features including a gold-leaf finish.

Versoul Raya 12 Baritone


Its crisp jingle-jangle also rang loud during the first flowering of psychedelia. In recent decades, Tom Petty and others have revived its unique sound. But anyone who has played an electric 12-string from its golden age’ knows just how problematic many of those instruments can be: everything from string spacing to intonation is oftenoff.’ Versoul’s Raya 12 is impressively `on’ in all the right places. The heart of the matter is its body of Finnish alder and an extraordinary scale length (26.75”), aiding the instrument’s robust resonance. There’s the laminated aspen and maple neck as well, crowned by an East Indian rosewood fingerboard. These elements lend the Raya 12 a near-orchestral sound palette, and you don’t have to fight it for optimal results: its low action and generous width at the nut make it the most playable electric 12-string imaginable. Whether you strum chords, pick single notes or play with your fingers, the Raya 12 was designed for ease of playability by any and all means. Solving the trouble-prone intonation of 12-strings, the Gotoh bridge design enables precise fine-tuning of each string. Here’s an electric 12-string that may inspire you to start a musical revolution of your own.