12 string

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This excellent-condition mapleglo-finish 362/12 doubleneck has a few minor cosmetic issues but is mostly resplendent, and its electronics have been restored.

A rare bird in mapleglo that’s double the 6-string fun!

If you spend any time exploring the annals of Rickenbacker production history, you find a lot of unique, limited edition, and one-off instruments nestled in the sea of fireglo 360 12-strings and 4001 basses. In the 1950s, for example, Rickenbacker redesigned its lineup of newfangled solidbody models several times, making for an inconsistent smattering of now extremely rare guitars, like the Combo 400 and 850 models.

Officially introduced in 1975 with a list price of $1,500, the 362/12 was Rickenbacker’s first Spanish–style doubleneck.

As early as the late 1960s, though, the company’s core lineup solidified, as bands like the Byrds and the Beatles propelled the Rickenbacker image into the popular consciousness. And while Rickenbacker’s catalog has remained fairly consistent since then—save for a major spec update in the early ’80s—the historic California builder has found plenty of space to market more adventurous instruments, like this column’s 362/12 doubleneck.

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Kari Nieminen comes to Berlin from Finland with a gold-leaf-covered solidbody favored by Ron Wood and a jumbo 12-string used by Pete Townshend.