12 string

Versoul Raya Ronnie Wood Blue Light Model Demo | NAMM 2022

See how the company took one of their standout models and added a wealth of high-end features including a gold-leaf finish.

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The 12-string features the same body shape as the standout Premier DC along with Duncan Designed humbuckers.

New York, NY (May 2, 2018) -- Following a landmark year where the Premier Series skyrocketed in popularity and success, the line will see a host of upgrades for 2018. Per consumer feedback and a desire to elevate tone, Premier Series electric guitars will now feature Seymour Duncan-designed pickups, offering exceptional tonal clarity and versatility. For playability, a fine-tuned, slimmer neck shape elevates comfort. And as an aesthetic addition to the line, the Premier Series will welcome multi-ply cream binding, as well as an all-new ocean turquoise finish available on all models.

Brand new to the line will be the DC 12-string, a twelve-string semi-hollow electric boasting remarkable playability and tone at an impressively accessible price point. Featuring the same body shape as the standout Premier DC, the DC 12-String offers organic semi-hollow tone and crystalline 12-string clarity, strapped with Duncan Designed humbuckers that span an impressive tonal range. Available in black, white, trans wine and ocean turquoise.

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After dreaming of acquiring an S-style 12-string for years, Will Ray found this copycat brand’s take on the design for just $114 including shipping.

The ring’s the thing with this lightweight, low-budget chimer.

I’ve wanted a Strat 12-string since the mid ’90s, when I played a friend’s and was wowed by the cool sounds. Fast-forward to a month ago, and I spotted this beauty on eBay. It’s made by a company I’d never heard of, called Cozart. So I did a little research and found all kinds of cool guitars made by them. This one caught my eye because its top is made of some highly grained and perhaps exotic wood. They were selling new for $130 to $150. But I’m a bottom feeder, so I waited until I could snag one at a cheaper price. Got it for $114 including shipping, I did.

Tuning a 12-string doesn’t take twice as long as a 6-string. It takes four or five times longer.

When it arrived, it was so lightweight that I had to immediately pull out a scale and weigh it: 5 pounds and 14 ounces, folks. Wowzer! That includes the weight of 12 tuners. This is by far the lightest electric 12-string I’ve ever played. Lighter-bodied electrics have more resonance, to my ears—allowing more tone to slip through.

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