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Vigier Announces G.V. Wood 90, Excalibur Kaos, Christophe Godin Excalibur & Excess 5-String Bass

Vigier has announced four new additions to their lineup to be released at NAMM 2010, including their first P-90-equipped guitar and their first reverse headstock guitar.

Grigny, France (January 6, 2010) -- Vigier has announced four new additions to their lineup to be released at NAMM 2010.

G.V. Wood 90
The G.V. Wood 90 is the first Vigier guitar to be equipped with P-90 pickups. The company is collaborating with a pickup company from northern Europe, Lundgren Guitar Pickups, for this guitar which is features Lundgren P-90 Vintage pickups.

Excalibur Kaos

The Kaos is one of two new Excalibur models, and is the company's first reverse headstock guitar. The Kaos is loaded with two handmade humbuckers from German pickup manufacturer Amber pickups. It features traditional Vigier wiring (Humbucker 1/Single 1/Humbucker 1 & 2/Single 2/Humbucker 2) and is also fitted with the killswitch that originally appeared on the Excalibur Bfoot Signature.

The model is equipped with the unique non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings. It also benefits from one of Vigiers latest innovations: a string retainer they call the Flexretainer that eliminates all friction, improving the tuning stability.

Christophe Godin 10th Anniversary Excalibur
To celebrate 10 years of collaboration between Christophe Godin and Vigier, the company is releasing the Christophe Godin Excalibur. The Christophe Godin Excalibur shares the characteristics of the Excalibur Supra with the following modifications:
  • Fatter neck
  • Higher fretwire
  • DiMarzio Chopper/FS1/Tone Zone pickups
  • Personalized Fluoblack finish with matching headstock
  • Matching pickguard with engraved drawing of Christophe Godin
  • Tuned one whole step down to D (D, G, C, F, A, D)
  • Ernie Ball 11-54 gauge strings
The guitar will be limited to 20 instruments.

Excess 5-String Bass
Vigier's Excess 4-string bass has been made popular by bassists such as Roger Glover of Deep Purple. Since the launch of the Excess series in 1996, the Vigier bass community has asked for more. This year, Vigier answers with the first Excess 5-string.

Like all Vigier 5-string basses, the instrument features the 10/90 system, which reinforces the neck with a carbon fiber strip. This improves the quality of the low B string response in both frequency and dynamics. The bass features a set of Delano pickups and Vigier's 3-band EQ.

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