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Washburn and Parker Guitars Introduce Timeless Timber Series

New Timeless Timber Series to be made from Great Lakes virgin wood.

Chicago, IL (July 1, 2008) -- Washburn and Parker have announced their Timeless Timber Series. The series of guitars, which will include the Parker Nitefly Mojo Timeless, will be made from virgin wood that has been recovered from the Great Lakes region.

The origin of these guitars has a unique story that dates back 500 years. During the 1800s, first-growth maple was harvested and sent on rafts to industrial cities. Along the way, several of the rafts sank and the timber was forgotten. Fortunately, the icy water of Lake Superior preserved the wood, and today, over 100 years later, the timber has been recovered, and is being used to produce high-quality guitars for Parker and Washburn. 

Once the logs are taken from the water, they undergo a meticulous milling and slow drying process in order to maintain the natural round cellular structure of the wood. This ensures the “500-year-old tone” and lush sound of the instruments. Currently, they are available for purchase, but the scarcity of the materials necessitates a limited release of only 25 per brand. 

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