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Day #13: Walrus Audio

Day #13: Walrus Audio

You could win an Eons from Walrus Audio in today's Stomboxtober giveaway! Enter Below.

Walrus Audio Eons 5-state Fuzz Pedal

Eons is a five-state fuzz capable of massively thick sounds ready to test the limits of any amp's grill cloth. Use the Voltage (lightning bolt) knob to crank up to 18 volts into the pedal's circuit for massive, open fuzz sounds, or choose to starve it down to 3 volts for spatty, gated fuzz. Experiment with the Voltage and Mode knobs for nearly endless styles of fuzz tones. Find vintage-inspired sounds emanating from the stages of Woodstock to chaotic three-chord punk rock. Eons is ready for a fight.

Walrus Audio