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Stompboxtober 2023 Day #3 - StewMac

Stompboxtober 2023 Day #3 - StewMac

You could win a Lightcycle Phaser Pedal Kit from StewMac in this 24 hour giveaway!

StewMac Lightcycle Phasor II Pedal Kit

Feeling limited by phasers that are one-knob-wonders? Not anymore! This is our take on the revered Mu-Tron Phasor II—the most versatile phaser ever made! A studio-quality optical phaser, we pack all the tone and legendary flexibility of the original in a pedalboard friendly box.

Designed to recreate double tracking and synths studio sounds, the Mu-Tron Phasor II gave players a dynamic and lush phase sound right at their feet. Finally players could recreate those complicated textures live—and nothing was the same after. From rotary speaker shimmer or wild spacey soundscapes, every knob twist sparks inspiration.