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Day #5: Mayfly Audio Systems

Day #5: Mayfly Audio Systems

You could WIN My Evil Twin from Mayfly Audio Systems in today's Stompboxtober Giveaway!

My Evil Twin

Up to one second delay with pitch-shifting modulation. And that modulation! Pitch shifting modulation on the repeats which makes those delays sound MASSIVE! And the modulation is foot-switchable: leave it on for those big clean chords, and turn it off when you kick in the overdrive for that crushing solo.

  • Repeats controllable from one to infinite.
  • Mix control to perfectly dial in the amount of effect.
  • Tone control to adjust the tone of the delayed signal from a hard bright room to a soft dark room.
  • Foot-switchable pitch shifting modulation with Speed and Intensity controls.
  • Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
  • 9V DC input.
Mayfly Effects