October 2020


Premier Guitar Winners


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Winner Top

pg-pick.jpg Ron Mason winner of the Preamp Coast Sonic Gold/Oxblood Edition
pg-pick.jpg Mike Weber winner of the RNDI Active Transformer
pg-pick.jpg Dennis Keller winner of the Earthquaker Devices Plumes
Pedalmania 2018 Paul Chinigo (MAXON APEX808 OVERDRIVE)
Pedalmania 2018 Patrick Walker (Chase Bliss Audio MOOD)
pg-pick.jpg Grant Goldberg winner of the Singular Sound BeatBuddy
pg-pick.jpg Steve Lunday winner of the BTPA Pedaltrain Nova 18
pg-pick.jpg William Holden winner of the Walrus Audio Ages
pg-pick.jpg Colin Pearson winner of the Quilter Labs OverDrive 202
pg-pick.jpg Raymond Westphal winner of the LR Baggs Venue DI
pg-pick.jpg Gary A. Plaus winner of the Disaster Area Designs DMC-3XL Gen 3
pg-pick.jpg Jay Ellis winner of the Veillette Guitars Avante Gryphon
pg-pick.jpg Natalie Yarbrough winner of the Carvin Amps and Audio WG5 System
pg-pick.jpg Jeffrey Wachs winner of the Danelectro 3699 Fuzz Limited Edition
pg-pick.jpg Bruce Brana winner of the Michael Kelly 20th Anniversary Hybrid
pg-pick.jpg Timothy J Hannemann winner of the ILIO Essential Guitar Home Studio
pg-pick.jpg Melia Koerner winner of the Danelectro 3699 Fuzz Limited Edition
pg-pick.jpg David Guynn winner of the StewMac Custom Guitar Build
pg-pick.jpg Brian Truax winner of the Utility Design, Inc Vidami
pg-pick.jpg S. Doolan winner of the Stone Deaf PDF-1X
pg-pick.jpg Darrel Herbert winner of the Wren and Cuff J Mascis Garbage Face
pg-pick.jpg Dianna Schultz winner of the Carvin Amps and Audio WG5 System
pg-pick.jpg Tim Ducharme winner of the Aclam Dr. Robert Effects Pedal
pg-pick.jpg Sherry Pincus winner of the Dophix  Michelangelo
pg-pick.jpg Matthew Faillace winner of the Carl Martin Panama Overdrive
pg-pick.jpg Darrell Boyte winner of the Rocky Mountain Slides Elements Series
pg-pick.jpg Gordon Gorin winner of the Red Panda  Particle 2
pg-pick.jpg Carl Martin winner of the Andrew White Guitars  Cybele 1010 & Free Month of Lessons
pg-Perks.jpg Bill Cone winner of the Artisan Guitars Maton EBG 808 TE
pg-pick.jpg Amy Scheer winner of the Boss NS-2
pg-pick.jpg John Hamnett winner of the Walrus Audio Mako Series D1
pg-pick.jpg Richard Van Pelt winner of the Mesa Boogie Cabclone IR
pg-pick.jpg Erik Smith winner of the Greenhouse Effects Deity
pg-Perks.jpg Timothy Lee winner of the Henriksen Amplifiers The Bud Head
pg-pick.jpg Michael Stowe winner of the Warwick RockBoard QUAD 4.2
pg-pick.jpg Jon Huffman winner of the Warwick RockBoard QUAD 4.2
pg-Perks.jpg Larry Mills winner of the Kyser Limited Edition Milton Kyser Capo
pg-pick.jpg Paul Johnson winner of the Wren and Cuff Eye See '78
pg-pick.jpg Chassity Basquez winner of the Andrew White Guitars Cybele 1010 NAT
pg-pick.jpg Robert Chappell winner of the Hotone Audio Ampero
pg-Perks.jpg Daniel Sandvig winner of the Carvin Audio WG5 Wireless Guitar & Bass System
pg-Perks.jpg Nicole Rexrode winner of the Chicago Music Exchange CME Exclusive Fender Offset Bass
pg-pick.jpg Stephen Eckhardt winner of the Wampler Terraform
pg-pick.jpg Todd Larson winner of the Chase Bliss Audio MOOD
pg-Perks.jpg Terry Sullivan winner of the Midwood Guitar Studio Fender American Professional Jaguar
pg-Perks.jpg Dylan Nightingale winner of the Universal Audio OX Amp
pg-Perks.jpg Vincent Gantt winner of the Carvin Amps and Audio VLD1 Legacy Drive
pg-Perks.jpg David Ronat winner of the EMG Pickups Rev Set
pg-pick.jpg Connor Brown winner of the Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe
pg-Perks.jpg Kevin Durkee ( EMG Pickups Lars Frederiksen Signature Set )
pg-Perks.jpg Gary Byrd (Heartbreaker Guitars Taylor Taylor GS Mini)
pg-pick.jpg Brandon Wells (Eastman Guitars SB59/v-GB)
pg-Perks.jpg Donald Thomas (Andrew White Guitars EOS NAT 102)
pg-Perks.jpg Phil Allen (Henriksen Amplifiers "The Bud" Amplifier)
pg-pick.jpg William Fyler(Coppersound Pedals Telegraph Stutter)
pg-pick.jpg Bryan Lane (Spaceman Effects Pedalboard)
pg-Perks.jpg Anthony Janflone (Andrew White Guitars EOS 1010 NAT)
pg-pick.jpg Justin Cote (PRS SE Zach Myers)
pg-pick.jpg Conor Belvin (Pedals and Effects Juan Alderete Replica board)
pg-pick.jpg Jeffrey Passet (Pedals and Effects Nick Reinhart Replica Board)
pg-Perks.jpg Aaron Luke ( Electro-Harmonix Four Pedal Giveaway)
pg-pick.jpg Amanda Brewer (Breedlove Discovery Series Guitar)
pg-pick.jpg Krista Pederson (Spaceman Effects Polaris)
pg-pick.jpg Jeremiah Miller (Ibanez SLM10)
pg-pick.jpg Douglas Dahlgren (DiMarzio  IGNO Bridge & True Velvet Pickup Set)
pg-pick.jpg Rob Russo (DiMarzio  IGNO Bridge & True Velvet Pickup Set)
pg-pick.jpg Max Peterson (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-pick.jpg Rian Gallinger (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-pick.jpg Jason Martinez (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-pick.jpg Andrea Anderson (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-pick.jpg Jeremiah Cardon (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-pick.jpg Jerome Pivette (DiMarzio  Floral Muse ClipLock® Strap)
pg-Perks.jpg Monte Bjerke Jr. (Universal Audio OX)
pg-Perks.jpg Stephen Fallon (Midwood Guitar Studio PRS Pauls' SE)
pg-Perks.jpg Todd Hamm ( Rogue Guitar Shop Loaded Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Paul Ollenburg (PG Modded  ESP LTD Xtone PS-1)
pg-pick.jpg Nate Allen (PG Modded  Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI)
pg-pick.jpg Don Wright (PG Modded  Agile Harm 1 Toast FG)
pg-Perks.jpg Ryan Lussier ( RJM Music Technology  Mastermind PBC/6X)
pg-pick.jpg Robert Plett (Tone King Impreial Head & Cab)
pg-Perks.jpg David Mednick (Luna Guitars Vista Deer Tropical Wood
pg-pick.jpg Chad Bowhuis (Matthew's Effects The Astronomeer V2)
pg-pick.jpg Joe Consolo (Synergy Amps Syn-1)
pg-Perks.jpg Mike Keiley (Henriksen Forte Amp)
Pedalmania 2018 David Giudice (BTPA Starter Kit)
Pedalmania 2018 Doug Ginther (Spaceman Effects Gemini IV)
Pedalmania 2018 Matt Amato (Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive)
Pedalmania 2018 Joseph Cecala (Gator Cases Large Pedalboard with case)
Pedalmania 2018 Tim Faunt ( Deluxe Series Diamond Cut-Out Guitar Strap form Levy's Leathers)
pg-Perks.jpg Jocelyne Roy (Blackstar Amps FLY 3 Def Leppard)
Pedalmania 2018 Sam MCQUOID ( Peterson Tuners StroboStomp HD)
Pedalmania 2018 Mitchell Nachmann (Tech 21 Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig)
Pedalmania 2018 Steve King (Spiral Brute Fuzz)
Pedalmania 2018 Tom Duckworth ( Alexander Pedals Marshmallow)
Pedalmania 2018 Ken Helle (Benson Preamp)
Pedalmania 2018 Greg Versch (Disaster Area Designs Midi Baby)
Pedalmania 2018 William Klein (EHX BASS9)
Pedalmania 2018 Debbie Alton (GFI Systems Clockwork Delay)
Pedalmania 2018 Brad Bollinger (Greer Amps Gorilla Warfare)
Pedalmania 2018 Dave Nelson (Rockboard QUAD pedalboard)
Pedalmania 2018 Robert Gordon (Wren and Cuff Gold Comp Compressor)
Stompboxtober 2018

Tommy Beeson (NUX Bumblebee Pedalboard)

Stompboxtober 2018 Tom Canning (Source Audio C4 Synth)
Stompboxtober 2018 David Chadwick (DryBell Guitar Effects Unit67)
Stompboxtober 2018 Frank Wilson (Mooer Audio Tone Capture)
pg-pick.jpg Stephen Klippert ( Mark Knoplfer Box Set)
pg-pick.jpg Mary Slate ( Mark Knoplfer Box Set)
Stompboxtober 2018 Stan Anthony (Aclam Guitars Cinnamon Drive pedal and Smart Track® XS2 top routing + soft case)
Stompboxtober 2018 Buddy Collura (Red Panda Labs Particle 2)
Stompboxtober 2018 Julie Barta (Radial Engineering Twin-City)
pg-Perks.jpg Alexandre Fenot ( Fender American Performer Strat)
Pedalmania 2018 Thomas Creson (Analog Alien Rumble Seat)
Pedalmania 2018 Scott Esker ( Catalinbread Echorec)
Pedalmania 2018 Griffin Dotson ( Rainger FX Bleep)
Pedalmania 2018 Carlo Barbara ( EARTHBOARD System 2020M)
Pedalmania 2018 Brian Anderson (Seymour Duncan Dark Sun)
Pedalmania 2018 Ben Gill ( Walrus Audio Slo)
Stompboxtober 2018 Mark Passalent (Animals Pedals Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun Overdrive)
Stompboxtober 2018 Ben Bale ( Two Notes Audio C.A.B. M)
Stompboxtober 2018 Andrew Clark ( Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal with MIDI)
Stompboxtober 2018 Shane Kukiattikoon (Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer)
Stompboxtober 2018 Valeria Sosa (Dophix David Over Distortion)
Stompboxtober 2018 Parnell Fredrickson ( Eventide Inc Rose)
Pedalmania 2018 Michael Verzani ( Chase Bliss Audio Dark World)
Pedalmania 2018 Joseph Belcher ( Custom District Pedalboard)
Pedalmania 2018 Adam Turetzky ( Dr. Scientist BitQuest)
Pedalmania 2018 Luis Medeiros ( Greenhouse Effects  Deity)
Pedalmania 2018 Paul Torbert ( Subdecay Tremcoder)
Pedalmania 2018 Josiah Gust (Spaceman Effects Saturn V)