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Yamaha Celebrates 40 Years With SBG3000

Yamaha Celebrates 40 Years With SBG3000

Yamaha''s high-end SBG3000 hits the States for the first time in celebration of the company''s 40th anniversary in the U.S.

Anaheim, CA (January 27, 2009) —The new Yamaha SBG3000 solidbody electric guitar commemorates the 40th year that Yamaha began selling guitars in the United States. The model has never before been available in the United States, and Yamaha is issuing only 40 of these limited edition collector’s items. Each guitar is serialized and comes with a special glass display case (a $400 value).

Originally issued in the mid-1970s, the SBG line became famous for its incredible sustain after legendary artists like Carlos Santana and Bob Marley popularized the models. In 2007, Yamaha reissued the SBG2000 and SBG1000 with faithful reproductions of these two classic six-string beauties. The SBG3000, appointed with intricate aesthetic details, is individually handcrafted by skilled master luthiers at the famed Yamaha Music Craft in Hamamatsu, Japan, the company’s elite workshop responsible for producing Yamaha’s top-of-the-line handcrafted acoustic guitars and custom instruments.

“Collectors understand that Yamaha SBG series electrics are historically among the finest handcrafted solid body electric guitars ever made,” says Dennis Webster, marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars. “This guitar’s elegant attention to stylistic details and warm, gorgeous tonal characteristics make it a fitting tribute to the heritage of Yamaha guitars.”

Aficionados will appreciate the high-end neck-through body construction, which helps to create the SBG3000’s amazing sustain and tone. The SBG3000 also features a premium carved Maple top over a Maple/Mahogany body and high-grade Ebony fretboard over select Maple/Mahogany neck. Proprietary Yamaha Alnico V Covered Humbucker pickups, featuring special coil wiring and selected pole piece materials, create a wide array of sounds. High-end hardware, including Gold precise torque tuning machines and a low-mass bridge, along with Mother-of-Pearl/Abalone inlays, position markers and binding, add to the instrument’s stunning looks.

The Santana connection, along with the skills of Yamaha’s custom shop, helped spread the word about the original SG models. Renowned players who began to use the guitars include reggae great Bob Marley, jazz master Al Di Meola, Stax/Volt house guitarist Steve Cropper, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Paul Barrere (Little Feat) and Al McCay (Earth, Wind & Fire).

A new feature added to the SBG guitars is Yamaha’s Initial Response Acceleration, a proprietary manufacturing technique that accelerates the maturing process of the guitar, allowing a newly built instrument to develop its own unique personality quicker, producing a highly responsive instrument that sounds as if it has been played for years. Initial Response Acceleration also brings out the guitar’s tonal sweet spots, increases the stability and strength of the wood, and offers protection against cracking, splitting and decay.

The SBG3000, expected to ship in January 2009, will be available in Black Metallic, Gold and Wine Red.

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