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Aguilar Amplification Announces AG 5J-60 5-String Bass Pickups

Aguilar Amplification Announces AG 5J-60 5-String Bass Pickups

The AG 5J-50 pickups are modeled after mid-''60s Jazz Bass pickups

New York, NY (August 31, 2010) — Aguilar Amplification is proud to announce the AG 5J-60 pickups for 5-string bass.

Modeled after a mid '60s Jazz Bass pickup, the AG 5J-60 pickups bring the dynamic and sought-after tone of a 1963 Fender Jazz bass to today’s 5-string basses. The AG 5J-60 uses all the period correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. Aguilar developed a proprietary winding pattern to give these pickups great string-to-string consistency while sounding full and articulate. These pickups complement any bass and are a great match with Aguilar’s OBP on-board preamps.

The AG 5J-60 calibrated pickup set is a direct replacement in the Fender Jazz V and many other 5-string basses. Single Neck and Bridge pickups are also available.

The AG 5J-60 pickups will be available in September 2010 and carry a street price of $189.00

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