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All Star Guitar Night Webcast Signup

Charity auction for great gear accompanies live show, webcast viewers get Premier Guitar subscription

Anaheim, CA (January 10, 2008) - You can now sign up to watch a live webcast of Muriel Anderson''s All Star Guitar Night. Premier Guitar and TrueFire are bringing the performance to your computer -- it takes place in Anaheim, CA, Janurary 19th from 7:30 to 11 p.m. PST. And check this out: the first 1000 people to sign up to watch the live webcast will receive a FREE one-year print subscription to Premier Guitar. Click here to sign up! The sign up period will end January 16th.

The featured artists are: Muriel Anderson, David Grissom, Monte Montgomery, Laurence Juber, Pete Anderson, Gary Hoey, Thom Bresh, Stu Hamm, Trace Bundy, Andreas Oberg, Rusty Cooley, John Stowell, Nick Sterling, Bruce Arnold, Steve Adelson, Maria Butterly and Danny Gottlieb. Critically acclaimed for their abilities with the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, Chapman Stick and drums, they bring a creative and soulful touch, not to mention technical prowess, to a broad range of music. These artists are widely-recorded as solo musicians, guest artists and session aces and are in demand around the world as performers and clinicians.

In addition to seeing a super lineup of guitarists on one stage, attendees who are actually at the concert in Anaheim will also have the opportunity to bid on some incredible gear and other prizes at the event''s silent auction.

Auction items include:
    • TrueFire’s Interactive Jazz Guitar Video Bundle
    • TrueFire’s Interactive Acoustic Guitar Video Bundle
    • TrueFire’s Interactive Blues Guitar Video Bundle
    • TrueFire’s Interactive Blues Rock Guitar Video Bundle
    • Reverend Ron Asheton Signature (orange), signed by Ron, Guitar w/case
    • Reverend Double Agent FM (flame maple) Guitar w/ case
    • Peavey HP Signature EX guitar Metallic Gold Guitar
    • Peavey HP Signature EX guitar Sunburst Guitar
    • PRS Mira (color: orange; special option included: bird inlays) Guitar
    • PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow (color: blue matteo) Guitar
    • PRS SE One (color: Vintage Cherry) Guitar
    • Alvarez AD-62SC Acoustic Guitar
    • Alvarez AD-62SC Acoustic Guitar
    • Crate CA125DG Telluride Acoustic Amp
    • Eminence 2 Red Fangs Speakers
    • Eminence 2 Texas Heat Speakers
    • Eminence 2 Swamp Things Speakers
    • EMG Pickups Zak Wylde set
    • EMG Pickups DG-20
    • EMG Pickups PJ set
    • Sony Media Vegas Pro 8
    • Sony Media Sound Forge 9
    • Sony Pro Audio PCM-D50 - Portable Digital Field Recorder
    • Sony Pro Audio MDR-7506 - Studio Headphones
    • Plus more gear not yet announced!
    The proceeds of the auction will benefit Muriel Anderson''s Music for Life Alliance, which works with other non-profit organizations to make sure that children are exposed to music education through scholarships and grants, donation of instruments and funding of educational programs.

    For more information, visit the websites of NAMM, Muriel Anderson''s All Star Guitar Night and TrueFire.
    Also, check out what''s new with the sponsors of the show:
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