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Angeltone Unveils Three New Strat-Style Pickup Models

Angeltone''s 5S7E, 6S9J and 5S4B Strat-style pickups incorporate common custom requests like year-specific vintage-style staggering and left-handed staggering.

Oshkosh, WI (February 25, 2010) -- Angeltone has announced the release of three new Strat-style pickup models, each stemming from a commonly requested custom order.

The 5S7E is a custom pickup with special Alnico II magnets and vintage-style staggering to mimic the warmer tone of a very well played ’57. This pickup has a custom hand-wound 42 gauge heavy Formvar coil winding for more power and drive, while still preserving the tonal detail that made these pickups famous.

The 6S9J is a custom 6S9 with left-handed ‘late staggered’ Alnico V magnets, ‘original spec’ black top/light gray bottom bobbin plates, and handwound with 42 gauge plain enamel coil wire. This pickup is designed for guitarists wishing to get tonally more ‘experienced’ without having to permanently modify their existing instruments.

The 5S4B is a custom 5S4 pickup with Alnico III magnets in the correct pre-1955 ‘early’ staggering pattern and handwound in a custom 42 gauge heavy Formvar coil winding for maximum ‘bell tone’ or ‘chime’ for lovers of early rockabilly or country music.

All of the new models offer real nitrocellulose lacquer-dipped vulcanized fiber bobbins, wax potting and real 22 gauge ‘vintage style’ cloth covered hookup for vintage look and sound. They are available individually in rhythm, middle, and lead versions as well as in sets – either ‘original style’ (all pickups same magnetic polarity and windings) or RW/RP (humcancelling) middle pickup.

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