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Antares and Parker Launch Auto-Tune MaxxFly Guitar

The Parker ATDF842 MaxxFly is the first guitar to integrate the full range of Auto-Tune For Guitar features in a state-of-the art electric guitar.

Anaheim, CA (January 19, 2012) -- Antares Audio Technologies and Parker Guitars have today announced the introduction of the Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly Guitar, featuring Antares' groundbreaking Auto-Tune for Guitar technology.

In 1997, Antares Audio Technologies revolutionized vocal production with the introduction of Auto-Tune pitch correction technology. In 1994, Parker revolutionized the electric guitar with the introduction of the Parker Fly. Now, Parker and Antares have partnered to create the Parker ATDF842 MaxxFly, the first guitar to integrate the full range of Auto-Tune For Guitar features in a state-of-the art electric guitar.

The new Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly, combines everything that makes a Parker guitar unique with all of the power of Auto-Tune for Guitar. Instant string tuning, Solid-Tune Intonation, an extensive selection of guitar and pickup models, a wide variety of popular (as well as unique) alternate tunings, and a virtual capo that provides a full two-octave range make the Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly one of the world's most advanced guitars.

Key Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly features include:

Instant String Tuning
With the Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly, you can tune all six strings instantly with the push of a button (no motors or gears required). Simply strum the strings, trigger String Tuning via a button or foot switch, and your guitar is instantly in tune.

The Solid-Tune Intonation System
Less-than-perfect intonation muddies a guitar's tone. But by using the Auto-Tune for Guitar's Solid-Tune Intonation system, the Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure. As a result, listening to a guitar with Solid-Tune is a revelation, offering a purity of tone that has simply never before been possible.

Additionally, Solid-Tune is smart enough to know when players intend to manipulate pitch, so they can play bends and vibrato exactly as they always always have. Solid-Tune Intonation even makes it easier to bend to the right pitch every time.

Alternate Tuning
Using Auto-Tune's proprietary pitch detection and extremely high-quality pitch shifting, Auto-Tune for Guitar lets players quickly select from among popular alternative tunings as well as dramatic new tunings that would be physically impossible without Auto-Tune for Guitar.

Virtual Capo
The Auto-Tune MaxxFly provides a virtual capo that allows the player to shift pitch both up and down a full octave so they can play in any key or range. This allows players to play open chords in different keys at their traditional positions down at the bottom of the neck.

Guitar and Pickup Modeling
With Auto-Tune for Guitar's guitar and pickup modeling, the player has a virtually unlimited variety of classic and modern tones at their fingertips. Antares' proprietary modeling technology lets them select a guitar/pickup combo and then select from the pickup configurations that would be available on the original guitar.

The Auto-Tune MaxxFly's MIDI interface allows every parameter of every function to be controlled by standard MIDI continuous controller messages. This opens up the possibility of control by MIDI foot controllers, programmable control surfaces, iPhones or iPads, computers, or, in fact, any source of MIDI as well as creating presets and recalling then using MIDI preset change commands. It also allows the firmware of the Auto-Tune for Guitar system to be updated using standard MIDI Sysex files.

“With Parker's history of developing unique guitar technology, we feel that they are an ideal partner to combine the revolutionary capabilities of Auto-Tune for Guitar with an undeniably state of the art instrument,” said Dr. Andy Hildebrand, CEO and founder of Antares Audio Technologies. “The Parker Auto-Tune MaxxFly sets a new standard in electric guitar performance. We look forward with great expectation to hearing it in the hands of creative guitarists.”

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