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APHEX 230 Audio Clips: Hear and See the Difference

230 Engaged: Listen and watch the wave forms

To gauge the Aphex 230 Master Voice Processor''s ability to shape guitar tone you really need to hear it and compare the actual wave difference once the processor is engaged. Check out how the Aphex 230 affected the tone of these four guitars:

1) Gallagher GA-70 Custom (acoustic)
The Aphex brightens each stroke with clarity and allows each string to resonate equally. The enhanced Gallagher sound is vibrantly full and clear.

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2) John H. Dick Double Forte nylon string (acoustic)
The Aphex enables the John Dick to record a much deeper and rich sound, fully complimenting the guitar’s original tone.

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3) Ibanez Artcore AF-105
In comparison to the flat recording conducted without the processor, the hidden notes and strings are brought to life and arouse our attention through the Aphex 230.

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4) 1975 Gibson Les Paul
Even classics can use help and this is exemplified in this sample recording. The Les Paul is given a rejuvenating shot by losing the sibilance without losing the brilliance.

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