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April 2007 New Products

New Products

Valve Amp USA THE VALVE SeriesValve Amp USA “THE VALVE” Series

The Italian-crafted “THE VALVE” series of amplifiers will now be available in America. Offered in two configurations, a 50-watt 2 channel head or combo and a 100-watt, 3 channel head, these tube amplifiers will be available in a wide variety of custom tolex and grill cloth color combinations. Each model includes footswitch and Operating Tone Tips DVD.

2/50 Series Head MSRP $1450
2/50 Series Combo MSRP $1850
3/100 Series Head MSRP $2700

LR Baggs Core 1 Acoustic Amplifier

The new LR Baggs Core 1 is a 200-watt, digital hi-fi acoustic amplifier that debuts a patented new type of loudspeaker. The flat honeycomb speaker generates a 140 degree wide, full-range sound field that allows the musician, band and audience to hear the same thing. Both channels of the Core 1 amplifier are based on Para DI and employ 100% discrete circuitry. Other features include parallel effects loops for both channels, modified spring reverb and a Garrett Null notch filter to easily manage feedback.

MSRP $1599
LR Baggs Core 1 Acoustic Amplifier

James Trussart Steelcaster DeluxeJames Trussart Steelcaster Deluxe

James Trussart Custom Guitars’ Steelcaster Deluxe (F-hole) is designed to have the look and feel of a vintage instrument with the added appeal of a metal construction. The guitar comes with a recessed steel headstock nameplate, a bolt-on maple neck and Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups. The Steelcaster has a variety of choices for pickup combinations and wiring, neck options and engraving. Available finishes are Rusty, Shiny Nickel or Satin Nickel, Gold and Antik Copper.

MSRP $4218

LightWave Saber SL Bass

Designed and developed from the ground up by LightWave Systems, the Saber SL features the patented LightWave Optical Pickup System, a pickup technology that harnesses the pure power of infrared light to deliver the true sound of the instrument. The LightWave Optical Pickup System has extraordinarily low noise characteristics, virtually eliminating the background hum and buzz inherent in conventional pickups. Available in 4 and 5 string, fretted/fretless configurations, the Saber SL is lightweight and comfortable.

MSRP starts at $1295
LightWave Saber SL Bass

ToadWorks Jr Effects PedalsToadWorks Jr Effects Pedals

The Jr Series pedals represent a shift in focus for ToadWorks, with emphasis on ease of use and minimal setup. The ToadWorks Jr Series consists of four pedals, including the Leo Jr (American Overdrive) and the John Bull Jr (British Overdrive). The Jr Series pedals offer all the sounds of the Professional and Player Series pedals, with no complicated settings to worry about. Compact and featuring true-bypass, the ToadWorks Jr Series trades the rows of knobs for one or two easy-to-use controls.

Leo Jr MSRP $124
John Bull Jr MSRP $116

Lava Cable ELC Tweed

The Lava ELC (Extreme Low Capacitance) Tweed is a special vintage braided version of Lava’s high-end proprietary guitar and instrument cable – the Lava ELC. At 15 pF per foot, it has the lowest capacitance of any guitar cable on the market. Neutrik straight and G&H right angle plugs are used and each cable is assembled using German-made WBT Silver Solder. The cable has a 20 awg stranded 99.999% pure OFC copper conductor. Custom lengths and connectors are available.

20’ MSRP $79.95
Lava Cable ELC Tweed

Carr Amplifiers The Vincent ComboCarr Amplifiers “The Vincent” Combo

The Vincent is a Class A, 6L6-based amp with separate bias resistor for each power tube. Features include reverb, two power levels (33 or 7 watts) and variable Drive control. Lastly, a footswitchable fixed boost (partial tone stack bypass) greatly increases midrange punch and yields a wonderful grind (lighted footswitch included). The cabinets are solid pine with dovetailed corners, and includes Eminence Wizard speakers.

1-12” Combo MSRP $2490
2-12” Combo MSRP $2690

Lace Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor

Lace Music’s Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor for resonator and acoustic guitars features an extremely low profile (.275” tall) for all resonator applications, resulting in a more balanced and quiet operating sense without any inference from higher profile pickups. Featuring Duo-coil design, this full-size humbucker is the slimmest pickup available today. The USA Sensor will fit most resonator guitars on the market today and is available with chrome cover.

MSRP $199
Lace Ultra Slim Acoustic Sensor

Minarik SamhainMinarik Samhain

The theme-oriented Samhain comes loaded with dual-humbucking Tone Perfect Resonata pickups, Tone Perfect Tune-A-Matic bridge with engraved tail piece, and Imperial Step tuners. The Samhain comes with abalone binding and a quilt-maple top covering a mahogany body, available in both Fireburst and Black. The 22 fret, 24 3/4-inch-scale rosewood fretboard has the fret numbers inlaid in words using the font of Harry Potter.

MSRP $1399 w/case