Newburgh, NY (February 24, 2014) -- As the innovators of the Black and White Nylon Tape Wound bass set, La Bella introduces the Copper White Nylon Tape Wound Series. Unlike the classic White Nylon Tape Wounds, the new Copper White Nylon Tape Wound strings are made with a transparent nylon wrapped over copper underlays. The result is a warmer and more supple tone, while still allowing players to effortlessly glide from note to note.

The Copper White Nylon Series is extremely versatile and can be used for electric, fretless and acoustic basses. If you’re looking for a set of bass strings that growl like a beast, this warmer alternative is for you!

750C Copper White Nylon Tape Wound
Light, 4-String, .050, .065, .085, .105

760C Copper White Nylon Tape Wound
Standard, 4-String, .060, .070, .094, .115

All Copper White Nylon Tape Wound sets are also available in 5-String (.135 Low “B”) & 6-String (.043 High “C” & .135 Low “B”) models.

As with all La Bella bass sets, all Copper White Nylon Bass Series are Standard Long Scale, and available in Short, Medium and Extra Long scales.

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