Rounding Up the Roundup
So there you have it, an introduction to seven micro bass amps, ranging from tiny-but-formidable to small-and-mighty. Likewise, the more budget-conscious of the lot check out below $300, while the higher wattage and feature-heavy models go for $600 or more. In every case, the size of these micros belies their features, capabilities, and tone by providing a bass sound that used to take 20 or 30 pounds and three or four times the footprint.

Although we covered a good number of micro bass amps here, there are many more great options on the market that churn out big tone in a tiny package. If you’re the kind of bassist who thinks that size matters, but that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, it could be that a micro bass amp would be a good fit for your needs.

Here's a handy cheat-sheet of the features, pricing, and size of the amps in this roundup:

Power at 4 Ω
EQ Controls
Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0
900 watts
Ground lift, Pre/Post, mic/line levels
Low/parametric Mid/ parametric Mid Freq/High/three preshapes 2.5"x10"x10.5"
4 pounds
Tube gain control, effects loop, aux in, tuner out, phones out, multi-function status display, 100-240 volt operation
Euphonic Audio Micro 550 watts $675
TRS, requires cable, level
2.3 pounds
2 channels w/EQ, channel switching, high-pass filter, effects loop/tuner out, footswitch jack
Markbass F1
500 watts $650
Ground lift
Low/Mid Low/Mid High/High
4.6 pounds
VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter), VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator)
Eden WTX-264
260-300 watts $449
Ground lift, level
Bass/Mid/High/Mid Shift/ Bass Boost
4.3 pounds
Mute, effects loop, tuner out, aux in, phones out, 100-240 volt operation
Carvin BX250 Micro Bass 250 watts $299
Ground lift, Pre/Post, level Bass/parametric Lo Mid/parametric Hi-Mid/Treble/Contour
3.2 pounds
Compressor, Drive, mute, phones/tuner out, 90-240 volt operation
Gallien-Krueger MB200
200 watts $249
Pre/Post Treble/Hi-Mid/Lo-Mid/Bass/Contour 1.75"x7.75"x8"
2 pounds
Aux in, line/phones out
Overtōn Featherweight 200
200 watts $229
Ground lift, level
2.1 pounds
Aux in, effects loop, tuner out, phones out, switchable compressor