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Recorded through a Fender '60s Stratocaster.  Amp: Peavey JSX clean channel with 2X12 Vintage 30 speakers, recorded with Garage Band, Sennheiser MD 735 mic, off center.  Touch of Holy Grail Reverb and room ambiance.
Super Fuzz
Sometimes a great fuzz pedal just isn’t enough. That’s when you need to bust out something fuzzier. The Black Cat Super Fuzz pedal is a modern replica of the ’70s-era Univox Super Fuzz. It’s super because not only does it give you fuzz, but it also has a two-stage octave-doubling circuit. It adds an upper octave for when you need to enter the Octavia Zone. Think Band of Gypsys on the song “Who Knows.” Although the documentation on this product describes it as “Not quite as prominent as an Octavia,” it sounds like a full blown Octavia to me.

The knob on the left is your Balance. This controls the amount of fuzz you want to add to your signal. The knob on the right is the Expander, which controls your volume. In the middle, you have a Tone selector switch that allows you to go back and forth between a warmer, fuzz-meets-Octavia sound and an interesting notched lead tone with sharper teeth.

This particular pedal may not get as much ear time as some other pedals on your pedalboard, but there’s nothing like being able to whip out these tones when you need them. It’s a classic sound, and this pedal does it quite well. While the Tone selector in the right-hand position wasn’t my fave, it worked well in conjunction with other overdrive pedals. It’ll take your smooth, run-of-the-mill overdrive pedal and kick it up a notch with glorious overtones. The left position is full of awesome and sounds great all by itself. It’s “The Sound.” You can get beautiful upper octaves with as much or as little dirt as you want. It’s very musical, and once you find that sweet spot in your guitar’s volume control, all things are possible. Pedals like these crave experimentation, and this particular version is top-notch all the way around.
Buy if...
you love Band of Gypsys-era Hendrix.
Skip if...
you hate that sound.

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