Austin, TX(December 28, 2010) -- Collings Guitars has modified their popular 290 into a double cutaway shape with a single Lollar Dog Ear P-90 to create the 290 DC S.

To add to the straight ahead vintage tone and vibe of this 290, Collings has developed a custom wraparound tailpiece that they say delivers unsurpassed dynamic range and tonal versatility with a very simple and classic design.

Here's what Collings says about the guitar:

"It is capable of producing a vast array of tones, from pristine clean tones rich with harmonic complexity to hard-hitting vintage rock tones with enough focused growl to cut through any mix. Dial back the volume and tone, and you'll be surprised by the smooth, mellow tones that are available without ever getting muddy. This instrument will put tone back in the hands of the player, not in the hands of effect pedals or multi-channel amps."
• Double Cutaway (22 frets clear of the body)
• Single Lollar Dog Ear P-90 pickup (wound 5% over)
• Optional Collings custom wraparound bridge (made from a special alloy)
• Single volume and tone control. No pickup selector switch
• Collings custom "Bakelite" Dog Ear P90 pickup cover
• Extra long neck tenon
• Optional tortoise pickguard
• Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
• Custom body contours

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Source: Press Release