Rochester Hills, MI (July 31, 2012) – Custom Amp Covers, inc. has developed an innovative design to store cables, cords, capo, batteries, picks, slides, etc. with your guitar amplifier cover. This new accessory bag includes a Velcro closure to keep your cords and cables with your amp during transport. The bag can also be removed and re-attached to the amp cover with Velcro.

This bag, designed to eliminate a third hand or extra bag, will keep your accessories contained to and from the gig. Extra items can be stored while your amp is idle. No need to lose time and money by misplacing essentials before or after the show.

Each accessory bag offers the following features:
• Sturdy vinyl with felt lining inside.
• Velcro™ flap closure.
• Removable and re-attachable from amp cover via Velcro.
• Bag is 8” high by 8” wide by 2 ¾” deep.
• Available in black only.

The accessory bag can be added to almost any cover that is big enough to attach to. They are priced at only $19 each with your cover order or can be purchased separately.

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