Staten Island, NY(November 24, 2010) -- Long-time DiMarzio endorser Paul Gilbert has again teamed up with the company for a new set of single-coil sized signature pickups. The result is the newly released Injector neck and bridge pickups. DiMarzio says that both pickups are hum-canceling single-coils with superior speed, dynamic range and 40% less magnet-pull than standard single-coils for superior pick attack, speed and clarity.

According to the company, the Injector Neck Model has a modern sound that's warmer and louder (160mV output) than a typical vintage single-coil. The Injector Neck Model is designed to track high-speed solos at high gain without becoming either thin or muddy, and has a very full, well-balanced, clean sound.

DiMarzio calls the Injector Bridge Model (DP423) is one of their hottest hum-canceling models (185mV output) with six individual Alnico magnets. It was designed to work equally well with rapid single-note arpeggios and power chords without becoming muddy or compressed.

Both pickups were used in guitars on Gilbert's latest album,
Fuzz Universe, and list for $109. Below is a DiMarzio video of Gilbert talking about and demoing the pickups:

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Source: Press Release