PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for Musikmesse '09 where he visits the Dunlop/MXR booth. In this video segment, we hear two product demos; the Dunlop Kirk Hammett Signature Wah (KH-95) and the MXR Fullbore Metal pedal. Kirk Hammett's signature wah features the renowned tone that Kirk dials in on tour using his DCR1SR Crybaby Rack Wah system with appointments including, Kirks EQ, volume and tone settings, a thick top end and full dynamic range and the starting street price is $159.

The MXR Fullbore Metal pedal was designed by Way Huge creator Jeorge Tripps. This super high gain distortion pedal features a three-band and EQ with sweepable mid frequencies, internal gate threshold control lets you set the noise gate's sensitivity and includes an all-analog circuit path.