Kirk Hammett & Dunlop Unveil the Special Edition Cry Baby Wah

A signature wah pedal based on Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett's own Cry Baby Rack Wah settings.

The Kirk Hammett Collection Cry Baby Wah delivers the heavy metal legends signature wah tones in a special edition purple sparkle finish. The response is even from heel to toe with an arresting midrange wail and a thick top end—designed for fast, melodic runs over hard-charging riffs.

“I always feel a great energy when I play my purple sparkle Ouija guitar,” Kirk says. “I thought it would make a killer, sonically spiritual connection to have a pedal with that same outwards vibe.”


  • Based on Kirk's own Cry Baby Rack Wah settings
  • Capture the same sound he used to revolutionize metal solos
  • Thick top end with a full dynamic range
  • Special edition purple sparkle finish and custom tread

$199.99 USD. More info: The Kirk Hammett Collection Cry Baby Wah is available now from your favorite retailers.

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