Bromma, Sweden(December 10, 2009) -- EBS has announced the release of two new products to the US: the EBS TD660, an upgrade to their popular TD650 model, and the EBS DPhaser, the latest addition to their Black Label pedals. They've also let some details out about new products we can expect at NAMM: the Classic Session 60 tiltback combo, Classic T90 all-tube amp, and MetalDrive distortion effect.

EBS TD660 is developed from EBS' popular TD650 model. The main news with the TD660 is the improved preamp that provides more headroom and reduced noise, and the ability to connect a footswitch to control the Drive, Character and Filter functions, as well as mute the amp.

Also included in the update is that the Effects Loop has been placed after the Drive and has a Mix-In filter to control the level of overall effect on the sound. The new amp has a slightly preshaped sound to improve the overall sound and to give the amp more character from the start. The chromed handles are replaced with black to match the case and to give the amp a bit rougher look.

At the same time, the new footswitch EBS RM-4 is released. The EBS RM-4 can be used with the TD660 as well as with the previously released EBS NeoGorm combos. The EBS TD660 will replace the EBS TD650 from now on and will be officially introduced at Winter NAMM. Both the TD660 and RM-4 are shipping now.

EBS DPhaser
The EBS DPhaser is the latest edition to the Black Label Pedals. The pedal offers three very distinct phaser effects and is capable of everything from classic '70s sounds up to hyper-modern swirling phase effects.

Three different modes and three different resonance settings produce a wide range of cool sounds. Controls for Width and Rate gives full control of the effect and even more adjustments can be made inside the box. While the DPhaser offers juicy analog-quality sounds, the use of the latest digital DSP technique makes it possible to fit in the same compact format that the Black Label Pedals are known and praised for.

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