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The EBS Session 30 Mk3 Is Here

EBS amp

This compact combo features a quality tweeter. Along with an 8" speaker, the tweeter ensures high-frequency notes are clear and precise, resulting in a full-range tone.

The EBS Session 30 Mk3 takes convenience to the next level with its integrated Bluetooth audio streaming capability. This feature makes practicing along with your favorite songs, backing tracks, or online lessons easy. Stream the sound from your smartphone directly through your bass amp without extra cables or expensive adaptors.

The EBS Session 30 Mk3 Bass Combo is more than a handy amplifier. It's a comprehensive tool designed to enrich your bass playing. With the added tweeter ensuring unmatched tonal clarity and Bluetooth audio streaming for inspiring practice sessions, the EBS Session 30 Mk3 is a perfect little amp for bassists seeking a small, practical bass combo.

Estimated Price: 225 EUR / $289

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