Santa Rosa, CA (February 8, 2013) -- Pioneers of the “Black Pickup”, EMG has become recognizable worldwide and used by millions of guitar and bass players. The team at EMG is set to make history again with the introduction of the new Metal Works series, consisting of 6 different stainless steel cap options; Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black Chrome, Brushed Black Chrome, Gold, and Brushed Gold.  These striking new designs offer players and instrument builders a broader range of premium cap options for any of EMG’s popular humbucking pickups.  In addition, Metal Works includes 7 & 8 string humbucking cap options as well.  “We’ve used custom caps for players and guitar makers over the last 10 years, so it just made sense to offer the options to everyone and Metal Works is the result”, commented President and Founder Rob Turner.  To kick‐off the Metal Works series EMG got together with Zakk Wylde to create three limited Metal Works sets with laser etched images of Zakk’s famous “Bullseye”, “Buzzsaw”, and “Vertigo” images used on his signature Gibson and Epiphone guitars. 

The EMG Metal Works series is scheduled to begin shipping in February 2013 and will be priced from $139.99 to $399.99

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