George Fullerton: March 7, 1923 – July 4, 2009

George Fullerton, long time business partner and creative collaborator of Leo Fender, passed away on Saturday morning of congestive heart failure. He was 86 years old.

Fullerton and Fender began their partnership in 1948, and worked together at the Fender factory in Orange County, CA until Fender sold the company to CBS in 1965. Fender was the innovator and inventor and Fullerton provided the technical know-how and problem-solving in the shop. He devised the unique tools that were used to create the revolutionary Broadcaster, Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. Fullerton also sketched the designs of the guitars based on Fender’s ideas. Fender and Fullerton teamed up again at the Music Man amplifier factory, and then started G&L Guitars in 1980.

Fullerton is survived by his daughter, Diane, his son, Geoff, and two grandchildren.

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