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After flood waters had cleared and the floors had been dried, some unique patterns on the floors in the finishing department of Gibson USA were left behind from remnants of paints and stains. An interesting and creative reminder that the spirit of Gibson USA can never be defeated.

By early June the task of vacuuming contaminated dusk out was in full swing. Along with more cleaning, wall studs throughout the plant were also being replaced.

By the beginning of July the main floor of Gibson USA had been cleaned and sanitized, while duct work was being replaced and machinery was being placed, painted and tested.

Though the Nashville flood was a tragedy of staggering proportion, it has been the perseverance, dedication, and spirit of the Nashville people that has allowed the city to step back onto solid ground. These qualities are reflected in the numerous workers and supporters of the Gibson brand who devoted their time and passion to the recovery efforts, launching a new era with unprecedented determination creativity, innovation and leadership for Gibson USA. The company also insured that no guitars that could have possibly been affected by the flood waters and unstable environment during that time which included high humidity and potential contaminants, would go to market and they were, thus, destroyed. All guitars being produced from the Gibson USA plant are new and unrelated to any instrument affected by the flood disaster.

The continued stories of loyalty, dedication and friendship have emerged throughout this poignant part of Gibson USA history - From the security guard who refused to leave his post until the last possible second to the supplier who drove all night from Chicago to bring critical items to the plant. There’s the human resources manager who drove to the plant through torrential rains to help move items to dry areas and the channel partners around the world who offered their support and assistance. And then there are the Gibson team members who took to the social media platforms to stay in touch and gather information for the successful recovery.

“It’s amazing how connected the employees are with this plant and this company,” said Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. “When workers saw the damage, first came the tears. They wanted to know what happened to ‘their’ plant. They had been hit personally. But no one was hanging his head. Instantly, the focus turned to how Gibson could come back even better than before. Out of the disaster came an opportunity to be bigger, better and stronger. Gibson USA is producing the world’s greatest instruments and will continue to bring our many fans only the finest products.”

In addition to the reopening of Gibson USA, many musicians outside of the Gibson corporate offices found support and aid through the Gibson Foundation. The Music Rising program, initially founded in 2005 by U2’s the Edge, legendary producer Bob Ezrin and Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz expanded its efforts to help the Nashville music community recovery by donating $250,000 for musician’s instrument replacement. Partnering with MusiCares, Music Rising and the Gibson Foundation have already assisted more than 100 musicians in the Nashville area. In addition, to help the Nashville Symphony children’s music education program, which lost all of its instruments, Music Rising provided $25,000 for the critically acclaimed Instrument Petting Zoo program For more information go

From the disaster rises a bigger and stronger Gibson USA, producing the most innovative and exceptional instruments in the world. Musicians, fans and consumers can all bet on new models and traditional iconic guitars from the Gibson USA plant, based in Nashville, Tennessee….Music City extraordinaire.

Source: Press Release