Interlaken, NY (January 10, 2012) – Inspired by the struggle of guitar owners who wish to upgrade their instruments without permanently altering or damaging them, Hipshot announces the debut of the Universal Mount Plate (UMP). This device allows players and luthiers to upgrade their guitars with Hipshot’s Griplock and Classic guitar tuners without drilling, screwing or irreversibly modifying their instruments.

The Patent Pending invention consists of a thin metal plate that sits between the tuners and headstock of the guitar. Tabs on the face of the plate prevent the tuners from slipping against the headstock. At the same time, reach nuts inserted through the existing headstock holes into the tuners keep the whole assembly securely in place. This means that the tuners, interlocking as one unit, use the headstock holes themselves for stability rather than individually drilled locator pin or mounting screw holes.

Due to the simplicity of the product, the ease of install and the ease of removal, this system is particularly useful to guitarists who don’t feel comfortable drilling their instruments or those with antique guitars afraid of decreasing their instruments’ value by permanently modifying them. The UMP MSRPs for $10 without tuners or free as part of a Hipshot Tuner Upgrade Kit. Kits range in value from $80.10 to $99.90 and are available for Fender, Epiphone, and Gibson Les Paul guitars. All products can be purchased directly from Hipshot or through a retailer. Support for more guitars and basses is expected in the near future.

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